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von Brokenkites


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  • Veröffentlicht: 18.07.2008

"Stick me," I say, teeth clenched, breathing the sweat out through my screaming lungs. I’m so ready to burn in here. "Do it now," I demand.

There’s a fire in the back of my skull where the communications port is jacked in. The sweat doesn’t help. The itch. The screaming inside of my head as I attempt to reconnect with thousands of lost souls, with hundreds of thousands of terabytes of memories - not memories of data, you know, but the real thing: childhood birthdays and car crashes and first kisses, all converted at once into seemingly infinite rows of zeroes and ones. This is always the part that’s hardest to get through, the breaking point, for most, the addictive adrenaline surge from getting stuck. And I’m sweating the beast off.

"Amp it up; give it more gain," I’m demanding, though the voice I hear doesn’t really even sound like me, not anymore. I open my eyes for a second and catch an impressionistic smear of worry across the tech’s normally expressionless face. Fuck it. No one else will take it this far. No one else will touch NSI’s equipment; even less would hardwire it straight into their heads. Even if you can find someone crazy enough to gamble it all by going this far, you sure as hell wouldn’t find anyone willing enough to amp up, for chrissakes.

"Amp UP!" I scream, but I wonder if she can even hear me at all. I wonder if I’ve made a sound besides the cracking of the teeth as I grind them against themselves, waging war against my own body for the sake of what... I’m wondering, and the light is coming, and I reach for it even though it’s going to kill me… And then I’m through.

Dead on arrival.

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Atomic cat

great atmosphere

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I feel like saying that This kind of music can feed your imagination.... ;)
Brent Davis


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och besser als Ctrl Alt Rmx. Und das war schon super. Einer meiner Favoriten zur Zeit. Danke dafür.


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Muy agradable de escuchar Brokenkites

S & S...

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Nice start, expansive, builds nicely, gently but firmly. This is confident music making. Again, it's a 'complexity' formed simply. The intensity of the heard differs with the intention (and ability) of the artist. The first track literally blossoms before you and you are held in awe. Ending reverently. Ataraxia very mellow, slow sparse rhythm. Beckonthread, mid-range chorus with smatterings of piano, nice and simple but effective, relaxing. Breaking Point, picks up a nice solid beat, percussion and melody are played with nicely. Chrysalis, is a quick change, but pleasant. Disconnect (Edit) again good, but short. Give Us Time, We Will Destroy sounds somewhat omenous, and this is noticeably darker, though still ambient. It carries on with Iterations, much darker again. After about two minutes the rhythm structures and sounds float into place, a cruising pace, re-iterating. Layers of noise interweave and form the flow of the piece/peace, still slightly sinister in places, but overall quite uplifting. Mixed Warning does begin darkly, joined by a deep strumming bass. Again, a nice simplistic mix when the percussion joins and the layers start being added. Then it leaves the layers to themselves for a bit, then rebuilds itself, slightly altered with a more full blossoming. Nice track, easy-going. Souls Electric sounds electric, again most of the rhythm is the melody background to start, but suddenly it's there. Again a laid-back musical composition. It's gets busier at the second half, with a profusion of voice noise, sounds like a whole crowd, then back to the music. Synthetique Arrays sounds familiar, feels like more iteration. Underlining the point almost with its arrai synthetique. Temporary Transfers, beat first, nice 'strumming' of noise and additions to the rhythm, good synthetic buildup to the meat on the bone. It's an enjoyable, short but good track. The Dyson Sphere, seems to start as it means to go on, it's suddenly there, flowing into your ears. Again, the sound and structure are similar to other parts, but its variegated music to prevent boredom. All the same, it might be too subtle and gentle for some? The Machine Dreams I is a lovely flowing dream of a track, gentle again, but the sensation evoked is about a change in consciousness, even within the machine. Maybe it is that the electric in our souls, is actually all around us and represents the essential life-force. There is a subconscious theme to this music, I feel it is a calm, reasonable, statement of life as experienced and mused on. The second part is somewhat darker, not forgetting that we create those machines almost in our own image within society, they perform a task for us. It is a lovely, slightly unnerving interpretation of the thought they those machines might experience a consciousness of their own. Truth Unfolding is curiously evocative again, it's more apparent in its' presentation. Are we getting down to the bone? Unavailable, comparatively louder and more darkness, as I perceive it. Nice track. Strong and subtle can be very effective combination. We The Nameless, infers if not a victim/sufferer at least an 'underdog', who is who, I don't know. It's a strong track, very much protesting in a musical sense, again, as is often, the piano speaks the truth finer than the word. Overall, I found this very enjoyable, and I tend to be a bit harsher on my ears generally, but this presented me with a different kind of strength that can be found in music and it's the spirit within which is conceived which I believe transfers itself. OK now I've stuck my neck out, but I think it's about subtle, simple, strong structure of rhythm and sound, that can evoke a variety of images in the mind of the listener.

Good album

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New listener here. Really impressed with your stuff so far. I love that short story/poem thing you wrote in the description as well.

An atmosphere, an album!

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Quelle ambiance ! Quelle musique ! Fantastique ! J'aime ta façon de composer, l'atmosphère que tu crées est fabuleusement bien travail. C'est a la fois originale, parfois simple, mais dans tout les cas, cet album ma procurer du plaisir d'écoute. Et ça c'est l'essentiel ! It's original, sometimes simple, but in any case, I have appreciate to listening your album. And that's the basics! Thanks you :)
Gaby Cardoso

Muy bueno

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Very nice. Great work and amazing sounds. Greetings and good luck!