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von Olga Scotland


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  • Veröffentlicht: 10.04.2006
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Lovely fresh sound

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I like this a lot. A new kind of interesting sound. Keep up the creativity!
Van Syla

Imagination and creativity

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You are like a child in a toyshop : you take everything, you put it together and you make a very charming and funny construction. I enjoyed your music veruy much. Van Syla

easy listening

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Interesting blend of electronic and orchestral elements -- focus on the the album cover for a moment -- close your eyes -- and wander off onto a Scottish lea.
Mac Houille

si bontempi était roi...

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Si bontempi était roi, Olga serait reine... Pour les amateurs de nape synthé et d'ambiance bu-colique, jetez vous dessus!

Lots of Dreams and Visions

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Many wonderful Dreams and Visions come back or beeing created by having the eyes closed while you concentrate on the music. Listening to this Album makes me even feel loosing at least parts of the gravity, holding me back from floating. It's very interesting and touchy! Perfekt for relaxing on the couch - or in a rocking chair on the porch.... if you have a house in the nature with a cotton-field in front... so you can let your eyes rest while your views are floating over the field to the horizon.... Superb!

Encore bravo !

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C'est le deuxième album que j'écoute d'Olga et la même magie opère,avec encore,une pochette que j'adore,merci Olga.

Very pleasant music.

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Really enjoyed this listening. It is uplifting and yet emotional, charming and it has a kind of canning atmosphere in it. Some themes make a perfect nice story-telling soundtrack. Very nice, and thank you for the music. Imaginary Soundtrack Project

Well beaten tracks...

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Jump is a quick intro to Klein-Jiga, which is a lovely little piece of instrumental work, like a folk dance. New Year Evening a profoundly sonorous track, lovely atmosphere, a romantic taste in tone. Koshka-Garmoshka, again brings back a sense of folklorism, has a traditional feel. Almost like its telling a story, as much as Kissing Garden does with its wonderfully evocative natural sensualism. Ksan presents the listener which a deeply fused melodiousness in a new age style, well done and almost traditional in its own right. Reminds me of many a cassette I have listened to in the past, of my vast listening history. Then, Medieval Adventure Game, takes me back to a time that fascinates me in history. A time when music was always live and tended to be lively, when a book was a fascination to hold and behold. When life was an adventure and if you were lucky to avoid becoming pockmarked or beheaded, a beautiful, wondrous game. Ptichka I Medved, a miniature fanfare that leads to another knight of this wonderful realm of musical creation. Shotla, another fascinating facet to a very varied array of tracks, makes for a very interesting listening experience. Again, a fine atmosphere captured succinctly and transported in magical form. Then, another change in style, to me I believe a proof of this artists vast capability, with Trust. Something that is important (as has been said in my blog) between a reviewer/listener and artist, that a reviewer will honour the artists work and be trusted to endeavour to match the effort that is obviously being made in this album, with an equal effort in words to convey to another potential listener, motivation enough to take a listen themselves, without automotive platitudes being relied upon. Unikum, another unique angle of musical expression, done well. Almost a jazz ensemble in effect, crossed with a marching band. Cup Of Tea, and this is just mine (make it Assam), something to be savoured and made well. Otherwise, why bother. White Horse, like the chalky-down inscription has a pagan feel to it, captured brilliantly. Another elegant sense of an age gone by, so it seems. Peace and flowers abound within the track Hippie, a genuine sense of transcendentalism without the shortcut of drugs. From birth and the gentle unfolding of delicate wings, to flutter by, the Butterfly provokes a remembrance of the wonder of summer days. An exceptional piece of music. What, brings me to a question. How does this album convey an odd manner of behaviour? Personally, I find in this array a constancy, not found in islanders (as Elizabeth I of England would have said about her by one of her many prospective husbands), of this artists ability to accomplish exceedingly well, many styles of musical expression. Absolute, puts a resolute stamp on my belief that this is proof enough, 100% class and ability. Ernst is an earnest expression of a sense of personality, perhaps of an aspect of the musician shining through. Lovely, light instrumental work. We finish with, L-Micro. A gorgeous, tiny piece of orchestral work and a fine track to finish this tasteful, array of musical dishes. Like a sumptuous 16th century banquet and associated set of entertainments. Brilliant stuff. Listen and enjoy.

Otleechna, Olga!

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Found this release on your Russian website and fell in love with it in 2006 or early 2007. "Klein Jiga" has been in regular play in our house ever since. SCOTLAND YARD offers so many different styles and moods of Ms. Scotland's quirky and fun electronica. Cpaciba, Olga!