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  • Veröffentlicht: 18.10.2008

 I had some finished songs that represented "scenes" of a film, and really had potential. I just packed them up in this EP so that everyone could use them int videogames, short films or whatever. I hope you'll find one that fits.

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This album is very moving and visually evocative in one's mind. I'd like to thank the creator for being so generous as to allow anyone to use this music for their own films. Jamendo and the artists here provide a Much needed way for amateur filmmakers to have wonderful background music to compliment their works.

Good album

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Well, besides being suitable for games and videos and films . . . they are good just to listen to . . . These tunes were tastefully done, and with a good sense of the dramatic. So though not being entirely relaxing music, they were not invasive by any means. This albums contents makes good background music to satisfy the busy environment. - Wolfsong

Bon album

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Very nice musics! I totally imagine scenes of movie with these songs. You have a talent for that, good work. ;)

a dreamis a dream is a wonderful thing

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so good bello

Very Impressive, Polished, Smart & High Quallity..

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They say music can make you feel so much, as this truly does.. It makess great use of the human imagination, provokes exceptional images within my mind eye. And puts emotions into my heart and soul. And the visions I felt and saw.. Where hypnotic, compelling and enthralling. I was spellbound and simply in awe.. As I checked this very talented and exceptional soundscapes of drama, excitement and suspense. That was action packed and majestic, regal and elegantly done..


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Es gibt wohl kaum ein Album-Cover, das mich weniger ansprechen könnte als dieses. Dennoch.. der Track 'Medieval' hat etwas militärisches an sich und erinnert durch den Halleffekt an den Thronsaal einer alten Burg. Danke dafür!

Great Soundtrack

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A great soundtrack with much variation. I especially found Medieval to be a great track for video games and posted it on : I hope it gets you some more exposure :)