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  • Veröffentlicht: 11.11.2008

State Shirt sculpts fiery, intense indie rock anthems for the wondering, wandering and hopeful.

Venturing wildly into the farthest corners of heavy-hearted American landscapes, State Shirt’s music displays vivid, gripping stories of nostalgia, despair and hope. From Southern California’s droning and faceless San Fernando Valley to the snowy back roads of Western Massachusetts. Steeped in a cycle of inescapable, mind-numbing full-time jobs, State Shirt relies on hand-built loops, neglected instruments and riveting vocals to artfully describe captivity in a familiar never-ending cycle: work, drink, sleep, repeat.

But, through it all, a glimmer of hope shines.

From a modest bedroom sanctuary devoted to writing and recording, sparkles of surreal, melancholic melodies bubble up. Voltage runs through a collection of dusty pedals, guitars and electronics to deliver This Is Old, State Shirt’s deeply textured second album, a set of swirling and burning indie-tronic statements proving that monotonous lives can produce exceptional results.

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An epic and engaging sound with some unusual sonic touches that keep things fresh. Top stuff!

This is old, but very good !

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Et d'abord, ce n'est pas si vieux que ça...Le titre de l'album est trompeur. Rien qu'en penchant l'oreille l'espace de quelques minutes, on se rend compte de cette absurdité : no, it's not old ! C'est même un son jeune, explosif, mélangeant habilement originalité et décalage sonore avec une voix pop des plus standards, mais des plus belles aussi. Alors, quand tous les ingrédients sont réunis, avec en prime des mélodies parfaitement structurées et qui donnent de très bons morceaux pop, il n'y a plus qu'à savourer.

that's it....

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vom ersten bis zum letzten track ein absolutes spitzenalbum...derartige musik mag ich, egal ob im auto beim cruisen oder daheim vorm pc :) sorry, aber kann es nicht in worte fassen GEIL GEIL GEIL


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Wirklich Tolles Album:-) Klasse musik:-) Gleich zu einerPlaylist hinzugefügt:-)

Very good !

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Thank you very much for this L.P. See you soon, Fanfan l'éléphant...

"Art that sparkles every time you push Play"

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Beats with a Kick+lyric that punch and little riff tune that gets stuck in your head=equals art that makes you sing and dance while your walking in a sunny afternoon.

Good album

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Someone recommended me listening to STate Shirt and I really like what I'm hearing! You sum up a lot of the things I have loved in rock and pop over the last decades. It is so nice to hear someone blending all these lovely sonic attitudes in his own original songs! To name a few associations I'm having while listening, it's like experiencing the melodic qualities of Pet Shop Boys smacked up by the frenetic live noise unleashed by Blur at their heydays. Then add a little melancholy to that. Yes, I really like the State Shirt brew!

Gutes Indie Album

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Viel besser geht es nicht. Fetzig und schön!


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Durch und durch ein super Album mit einem ganz besonderen Flair. Erinnert mich stellenweise ein wenig an Aqualung.

This isn't old

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To nowe, świeże, ciekawe brzmienie rocka. Artysta umie grać i śpiewać, teksty mają sens, wstawki elektroniczne nie dominują, tylko uzupełniają utwory - żadnego umpa-umpa, żadnych prymitywnych miksów i sampli. Wysoce profesjonalna robota. PS. I plus za okładkę.