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  • Veröffentlicht: 13.11.2008



To mark the launch of the Maternity website, we present the Halogen ‘Recycled Broadcast EP’, the first of a series of free download releases available from

Artists are asked to create tracks based around certain themes, concepts or production techniques, bundled into a neat package with exclusive artwork, short videos and other electronic trinkets.

Recycled Broadcasts EP explores human communication and weathered transmissions re-used in to alternate musical contexts, forging digital embers of layered voices from 1950’s commercials and static radio messages, staging a neo-narrative buried amongst melodic swells and rhythmic oscillations.
Halogen (aka Adam Janota-Bzowski) collaborated with artist Laura Gibson whose delicately scuffed illustrations of Victorian ornaments and abandoned equipment provide a perfect tailored visual unity with the music. Also recruited was the talent Camberwell Art’s College student Stephen Tyrell, providing a solemn geometric image of ice-cracked lines nestled between photographs taken by Adam’s niece, aged 3. The passages of texts found in the sleeve notes are segments of poorly translated un-solicited emails (known as SPAM) found in Adam’s inbox. Their verbally nonsensical attempts at selling Viagra have been recycled to mirror the slurs and stutters of voices found in the tracks of the EP underpinning its theme of salvaged communication.




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Really good

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I love the soundscapes of this album. All tracks are good, but "transmission" is oustanding. Great production! Congratulations!

Sonic Birth...

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Again, we find an artist who has experimented (and I hope will continue to do so) and pretty much explained the circumstances, means and point of the posting of this array of tracks, so what is left to say. I don't profess to be musically adept, just a listener of some thirty odd years, and some of them were very odd. Therefore, I will listen and judge from my perspective and make an assessment based on my own, rich, varied experiences. There is a lot to be said for silence, and it's a rare commodity in my life, one that I treasure. Here I get a sense of that, sometimes necessarily so, solitude. I am over-sensitive, therefore it's rare. Have you read a book called Flicker by Roczak (I think), it's 'answer' lay in the black parts of film rather than the light. Good book and, as far as this little array of music is concerned, good music. Keep experimenting, keep looking for inspiration in silence, keep developing and keep going. I liked what you've produced, but, as I've said, it's only a point of view!-) Nice work.

good tracks

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this is good electronic music. a positive but with some dreamy melancholic flows album. very well produced either. the first track reminded me of jackson and his computerband's album "smash"