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von Heifervescent


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  • Veröffentlicht: 02.09.2009

6 track sampler from the Murder in the Garden album. The full album has 10 tracks and is available here:

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Gutes Album

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Ich hab es monatelang versäumt zu rezensieren. Ganz klar: TOP!

Good album . .

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The best thing I've done is to discover jamendo . . My thanks to for recommending this site. This is an excellent album, and I am now a big fan of - Heifervescent, and look forward to future uploads of their fantastic music . . Excellent vocals, and really good music . . after listening to this album . . I immediately downloaded it to play in my car - Thank you Heifervescent for sharing your brilliant music.

C'est trop simple le rock

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Une voix, une guitare, de belles mélodies et un son. Du rock comme en faisait House of love ou Ultra Vidid Totalement inoxydable et indémodable comme mon jean et ma paire de Stan Smith.

Bon album

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j'aime ces guitares .ces mélodies qui ne vieillissent pas . ces groupes formidable....bravo!

Not my favourite album by Heifervescent

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This album is comprised of enjoyable pop rock songs, though arguably more inconsistent than their PondLife Fiasco release. The songs vary from very light and soothing to upbeat rock, a good example of the latter is track four with a powerful distorted bass guitar. As with PondLife Fiasco I love the use of smooth synthesizer pad sounds, especially as a lift in choruses, which acts as a distinction between more drab pop arrangements of the nineties.

Bon album

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J'aime beaucoup cet album.

Other great album of this band

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Tracks as Bessie's Secret or Wonderful thing is simple wonderful. Interesting, and great sounding indie and beautiful acoustic guitar, and great vocals as always. Recommended.

Very good album

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It has been a nice surprise for me to discover this group Heifervescent. Although I like more other musical styles, I have been caught by the excellent quality of the music, the voice and the arrangements. I think several of the albums could be easily hits if properly promoted. The only minor drawback I've found is that sometimes there are sudden changes of rythm and/or kind of melody that sometimes cause a distracting effect (in other cases it feels right). With my own footage of several sparrows fighting and feeding their babies and an edited mix of several of your songs, I have made a Youtube video. Please, if you have time, visit: I hope you enjoyed it! Best regards and thank you for the gift of your excellent music. David Bluecame.