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von Mark.Nine


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  • Veröffentlicht: 24.02.2007
What best describes "Where Are We Going" ? Besides the fact its by Mark.Nine, a rising electronica artist from the illbient scene. Only you can imagine what really goes on in his music, no doubt will it take your mind some place else. Close your eyes and imagine what the music describes.

4th release of Mark.Nine's official releases. Presented by my online netlabel (I/O netlabel). You can see more of my releases at my homepage. all my releases are free at the current moment. feel free to download any of them and share.
(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA

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walter well

very good

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i like the idmness of the whole chill-out album. hope you like my work also, Walter Well
yucel kurtul

let' say in Turkish , MUHTEŞEM

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Marc , I am a Pro DJ in Turkey, be sure that everybody will love this chill....
Phazz Phunk

Boards of Canada returns...

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Very nice, it reminds me the nice chilling melodies of the excellent Scottish duo, Boards of Canada. Nice job.

That's Chilling

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Un buon album chillout, di livello. A great chillout album, nice atmospheres! Thanks for sharing it with us! I hope to see more coming!


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cool chillout album mate!

simply beautyfuuuuulllll

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Hi Marc Your music just makes me floating away and forgetting all my sorrow. Congratulations ! That sample use a little bit mixed behind in the third song is really well done and make it a bit hypnotising to me. Be sure I will be playing this over and over again and really looking forward to a full album of you. Thanks for sharing your work Greetz Johan M. Belgium


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This tracks are nice, great for ambientation or soundtrack. I Will download it right now.

Nous transporte

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Des sons uniques un rythme prenant c'est vraiment très bon pour les oreilles :-) ! Merci
Cruz Kers


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I love this album. I'm waiting for the second!

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Un album qui rappelle furieusement Boards of Canada dans l'emplois de ces sonorités bizarre de vieux machin electronique dédlingué. Bon , c'est particulié, faut aimer. Perso j'accroche.