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von Alexander Franke


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  • Veröffentlicht: 17.06.2009

 Here is my third album full of piano improvisations. The first and the last song is something different than just piano play. By trying to push the level of my songs I wanted to intone daily situations mixed with my style of playing the piano. I really hope that was successful and you'll like it, too! (Give some Feedback!!!)

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Good album

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After listening to the opening track, I was kinda stunned. What a powerfull feel-good song. The other tracks on the album are touching and beautifully played. I think the name "from the heart" is well chosen - every song has a lot of feeling in it. Really good work - a recommendation to everyone who enjoys listening to piano music.
hernan segovia

this track is awesome

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Titel : nightmare shadow

Victor Pinto Perez

me encanta

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Titel : opening song

hello my name is victor and I think this song is perfect for a scene in a short film that I do but I need the score. if you know how to get him would be eternally grateful. greetings and goodbye. My email is


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Titel : sun's smile

What a wonderful, original, bright, happy and uplifting piano piece this is. Listening makes me want to dance around the room while the sun rays are shining in through the window. I can't fault the quality of the music or the final production. It is a wonderful listen and uplifting song.


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eins meiner Lieblingsalben! vorallem der opening song geht mir nicht mehr aus den Ohren! sehr schön komponiert und sehr harmonisch zusammengefügt ;) ein Album zum verLIEBEn mit großer verbeugung ;) bam_boo


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Gracias, excelente música. La usaré para un trabajo universitario de una radio novela. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Excellent Album

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This makes me want to take piano lessons again. I quit when I was a kid and have regretted it for a long time now. Just need a piano. :P Excellent album.

Piano that strikes a chord in my heart . . . exquisite, beautiful and so very creative!

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This album is so very lovely . . . uplifting to the heart . . . calming to the soul . . . I loved the "Opening song" and the "Closing song" with their unique framing instruments around the classic piano, almost a jazzy/rock sound to it . . . I was so impressed by the tasteful presentation with those songs . . . exquisite. These piano improvisations are astonishingly perfectly performed and so heart touching. Sometimes I found myself with tears in my eyes and wonder in my heart. I was so moved emotionally by these melodies and the amazing gift and talent presented by this musician. This is the kind of music I want to hear over and over again . . . I will play it to my classroom and use it for background to my day . . . and also to relax and daydream with . . . thank you so much for sharing your lovely creations. o0o


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In my experience, instrumental music has not appealed to me. However, this album creates a new interest in this particular genre of music. Also, it gives me the feeling of hope that a song lacking lyrics does not lack feeling.

OH! so beautiful the Piano . . .

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How beautifully played! How tremendously touching . . .these improvisations were so surprisingly well constructed . . How gorgeous the piano is when those fingers light upon these majestic and splendid keys . .. I could see myself dancing . . on a lake side . . . early in a summer's morning . . .. the air is still and damp with a cooling dew . . . the music fills me with a peaceful emotion . . . calming and enchanting . . . nothing could hurt me here . . nothing could sadden me in this space . . . as the morning fog drifts around me like tattered gauze, solemn yet full of deep joy . . . the music follows . . . this tender piano music. Introspective and sentimental . . these piano pieces are some of the best on Jamendo . . . they are so beautiful . . . and the instrumental bookends are delightful also . . over-all an exquisite package . . .