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  • Veröffentlicht: 27.06.2009





We are pleased to present to you our album 'fin'.

An intimate, and personal interpretation of our songs. Exploring our influences in music, film, literature, and the human condition.

We hope you find it interesting, and don't forget our album of remixes, also available here at Jamendo.

Fran Kapelle - vocals/lyrics

Paul Addie - keyboards/programming

special guest Terry Pack - Acoustic Bass

Let us know what you think..................x

Paul & Fran

Tracing Arcs

Hello, so sorry but the problem with downloading here at Jamendo is now you can now download here. if you have problems the album can be downloaded free from the link below.

:: Dusted Wax Kingdom - DWK030 ::

Again very sorry..........Tracing Arcs






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Dark, moody, and thoroughly brilliant

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Tracing Arcs have a place among the finest artists that I've ever had the pleasure of discovering on Jamendo. It's a rare treat to discover music so beautifully written, performed, and produced. Inevitably, comparisons with Portishead and Massive Attack are bound to come to mind when listening to any artist playing this sort of music, and the similarities certainly stick here. However, this is far more than a simple carbon copy of a tried and tested formula. Instead, Tracing Arcs have built on the genre, and have made it their own, and for that they deserve recognition. Highlights of the album for me include "Crytalk" (loving the electric piano work here!), "Through a Glass Darkly" and "Desperate Measures". Truly a beautiful album that should be heard by anyone who's got the time!

The elegance and lightness of pure seduction.

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Instantaneously captivated, it took some consecutive hearings, to clear my mind and grow some thinking inside my head, about these glorious and passionate musical set of tracks. Not one or two... or even three, but ten. Ten very intense moments of musical seduction, on the account of a very intimate and extremely sensual environment, to which the hot, calm yet delightfully provocative female vocals, are irrefutably and in a first instance, directly responsible. Nevertheless, as the hearing takes place, the initial strong appeal from the vocals, goes naturally diluting by integration, in the perfectly involving, instrumental structures, which prove not to be, decidedly, merely a basis or simple support for the vocals. The sound is very smooth and fairly bodied... and here, is where the almost always discreet yet very present bass work, gets a lot of responsibility. Despite having a dark shadowed kind of sonority, there's this constant jazz aroma, also delivered by the vocals, not too intense and almost sweet enough, to instigate a calm inspiring sensation... sometimes almost healing and cleanser for bad thoughts and stubborn memories.

Somptueux !

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J'avais beaucoup aimé le précédent album, mais celui-ci est .........à vous de ressentir les émotions qu'il dégage, et la voix est exceptionnelle... B R A V O !!! et merci à Balthaz pour la recommendation


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Magnifique Trip-Hop, aux ambiances variées, mais de qualité constante.. Pig and cow me fait méme penser à Moriarty... merci à Organic Despair pour la recco.

Bon album

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Trip hop, downtempo, nu jazz...album d'une fabuleuse qualité "Through a glass darkly" est un ptit bijou d'émotion et de sensibilité...dans la droite ligne des Massive Tout l'album est du même acabit...un régal

Honey for ears and brains and mouths

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Un bellissimo album, stilisticamente omogeneo e variegato nell'ispirazione, composizioni sorrette da ottima tecnica, non appariscente o esibita ma solida. Un universo sonoro dove notturni,vellutati viaggi ritmici porgono il battito ad una voce sognante,dolcissima e profonda. Le mie preferite sono "Crytalk" e " A pig and a cow", sicuramente si può parlare di trip-hop di alto livello, con un'aspetto ritmico ancora più dilatato, rilassato. Vero musica d'atmosfera, ma non di sottofondo. Grazie per condividere la vostra musica con noi. Spero di ascoltare presto un nuovo album. A beautiful album, stylistically consistent and varied in inspiration, compositions are supported by excellent technique,not flashy or exhibited but solid. A sound universe where night trips,velvety and rhythmic offers the beat to a dreaming voice,sweet and deep. My favorites tracks are "Crytalk" and "A pig and a cow", surely we can talk about high-level trip-hop, but with the rhythmic even more dilated, relaxed. Its true mood music,but not background music,please . Thank you for sharing your music with us. I hope to hear soon a new album.

Absolument sublime

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Emporté d'emblée à l'exact endroit ou le précédent album m'avait abandonné, et littéralement et instantanément envouté par la voix de Fran Kapelle (lire ma critique sur remixes & lost children). Encore meilleur que le précédent ? C'est ce que je pense. Oscillant avec bonheur entre jazz chillout (Babydoll) et nujazz inspiré, l'ensemble comble toute les attentes. 'Crytalk', Through a Glass Darkly' sont à elles seules de purs chef-d'œuvres. Le disque de chevet idéal pour les prochaines vacances.
Phil Brammer

It's always dark isn't it?

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It's dark but there are moments of sheer joy. First time around I wasn't sure, but by now I know. This is a work of genius.
Phil Brammer

A Magickal/Mystical experience

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Titel : My 2 favourite saints

This track by Tracing Arcs is a real trip. The broken/subdued/exploding vocals and music carry you away on the wings of angels. Splendid performance/arrangement/mix!

Dobry album

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nice music, dark, ambient, but vocal is too loud for me very nice background music in songs