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von K.G.B.


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  • Veröffentlicht: 17.09.2009


these tracks are the result of a short-time-collaboration


of two members of Giants Causeway and an additional female vocalist.


this music is completely made with synthies. the sound and the quality of the tracks


should not be taken too serious, the 'recordings' were done in the rehearsal-room:


sound out of the p.a. plus the live recorded vocals, 'mixed' on 4 tracks,


dubbed to a tapedeck.


there were never any other recordings made of this stuff.


though it's totally raw and un-mixed, i still think that the songs have a beautiful atmosphere,


and are worth to be listened by you.

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Livio Amato


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Not bad, I like the new wave. This album I think it is dark. Beautiful female voice in Time.

A Good Interesting, Captivating, Compelling, Atmospheric Gothic, Dark, Ambient, Album With Good Vocals

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I loved the haunting,rhythmical, good bass-lines, hypnotic, dark, atmospheric,captivating, stirring music to this gothic, ambient, free spirited album. The male and female vocals, you hear singing, are perfect for this album. With great music to match. Well worth a check out and even a download this band.

Gutes Album

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Das zweite Lied "Final Changes" ist wirklich super geworden von euch,zu den beiden anderen kann ich nichts sagen weil wenn ich was von eurer Demo höre dann nur Lied 2!