playlist artwork#12 this weekENTRYS (2008)

von Urea Tarasov


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  • Veröffentlicht: 24.09.2009
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Zino Records


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Beauty and Tenderness !!! Wonderful music tracks. Very inspiring. Excellent compositions. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing, Best wishes.Zino


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+10 so nicely..... wonderfully ^^ it touches my soul and my heart, warmly and easily!

Held Me In Awe...As I Dreamed, Relaxed & Ponder.. Let Alone Reflected & Thought About The Beauty This Possesed Inside Of It..

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If you can listen to this, without falling into floods of tears..By the power of the music. You are stronger and harder than me.. As I was touched by the tenderness, heartfelt,compassionate, loving, sincerity of this beautiful evolving, picturesque, landscape music. That was deeply meaningful, gentle and wonderful relaxing. Yet lightly stimulating as well. That make me feel as thou. This was written for just me to cherish and totally submerge myself into.. And I surely did.. I was covered from head to toes.. On this spiritual, visionary. neoclassical, minimalism, ambient, oboe, violin,flute, clarinet,orchestral,classical, soundtracks, instrumental music. That was pure poetry and theatrical and dreamy. It made me think of a ballerina and her passion and drive for ballet.. And the hardship, struggles she under took to make her dream of dancing come true..And the pure and simply love she felt when she danced and felt the spirit within her come alive.. When she heard the music and her body and mind break free. And she was just herself. When she danced and felt her feelings glow and shine within her, and then out...
Air Snake


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Бережно сделано!Я не любитель человеческих звуков,но этот голос трогает за душу нежно ,как самыми кончиками пальцев.

глубоко и тихо...

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Эферменное поднебесное пение души, Меланхолия танцующая свой самый прекрасный танец с Надеждой. Лёгкость и глубина одновременно в этих композиций наполнила моё сердце радостью, столько чувств... они переплетаются и так приятно ощущать их движение в себе, под эти дивные звуки(...от этих звуков). Спасибо!

Tragicamente bella

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Titel : Boire

Ho usato questa canzone nella scena madre del mio ultimo cortometraggio ( Grazie mille I've used this song in the main scene of my last short film (..) Thank you very much!