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  • Veröffentlicht: 23.11.2009

On their third full-length album, genre bending duo Hungry Lucy prove to us, yet again, that the confines of one musical style just won't contain them. "To Kill a King" seamlessly traverses the musical spectrum from somber darkwave to catchy pop without missing a beat.

Fans of Hungry Lucy's first two releases, "Apparitions" and "Glo", will not be disappointed with this fresh batch of inspired electro-organic productions crowned with Christa Belle's haunting voice.

While not purely a concept album, a common story runs throughout "To Kill a King" as Christa Belle's deeply personal lyrics lead you through a tale of oppression, grief and ultimate triumph.

The title track, "To Kill a King" couples a driving Depeche Mode styled production with emotional female vocals. While "Rainfall" evokes the electrified songwriter feel of Dido or even Madonna in her more contemplative moments. The uplifting vibe of "Shine" pulls together elements from around the globe with a soaring vocal melody. The melancholy "Good Girl" is a stripped down piano & vocal wonder that tugs hard at your emotions, while the pure synthetic "High Price of Mistakes" manages to sound icy cold, yet emit a warm glow all at once.

It's this type of beautiful contrast that Hungry Lucy are passionate about, and fully demonstrate on "To Kill a King". Their talent for blending the familiar with the exotic captures you at first listen and leaves you wanting more.

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Coup de Foudre !

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je suis fan depuis des mois. J'adore la voix et la musique. j'ai des frissons et des larmes quand j'écoute les albums. Merci beaucoup pour le généreux partage. I am a fan for months. I love the voice and music. I have chills and tears when I listen to the album. Thank you for the generous sharing.

Your Voice Moved Me To Tears.. The Lyrics You Sang Touched My Heart.. & The Muisc Was Heavenly, Beautiful & Compelling

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The ladies vocals on this album are sultry, soothing, yet comforting, warm and heartfelt, beautiful, on my heart and mind, as she sings. I feel compelled to listen to her melodic-al tones, delight and give me pleasure as she sings. The music was fitting and wrapped around her sweet, really nice voice.. Good girl, made me want to cry, as she sang this so perfect, so composed and just so right. I felt the emotions run across my heart, as the words she sang, drift straight to my heart.. This Lady oozes beauty from within that comes straight out across the music as you just sit back and simply listen to her sing.. Heavenly, mesmerising-ly, awesome music and vocals, wrapped neatly inside a flawless album.. Thank you for your voice and music..


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Awesome music and voice! Greetings "Hungry Lucy"! and thanks to Falkmerten for the recc.

Hungry Lucy... eben!

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Was gibt es zu Hungry Lucy noch zu sagen? Auch dieses Album gewohnt stark! Traumhafte melancholische Stücke mit dem Sinn für Esprit!

lots of emotions

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I close eyes, and I'm not on Jamendo. Even if we re-know of multiple and very pleasant influences, the emotion which gets free of the music, the voice and the words is strong in personnality. "Can you hear me" with a male invitation and a good rhythm is my favourite. I love all the mix. This work has to envy nothing to the biggest professionals... I listened to the other albums with a great pleasure. Thank you for continuing so...
Titanes Tortas

Buen álbum

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Mi reina, con esa voz estaras muy pronto en el top de reproducciones, el ambiente musical es fantastico y sin duda el talento de esta obra en conjunto te llevara muy lejos. Buena Suerte!!!!

Dzieło skończone

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Piękny wokal,wypracowana muzyka i ciekawy,nieco tajemniczy klimat... Za sprawą wokalu i melodyjnej muzyki,przypomina odrobinę nowsze płyty Delerium,co chyba najbardziej słychać w kawałku"can Your Hear Me",który bardzo zapadł mi w ucho,podobnie jak cała płyta zresztą. To skojarzenie wywołał chyba przedewszystkim subtelny wokal przypominający nie co Kristy Thirsk. O nie wielu płytach mozna powiedziec tak jak o tej; "Dzieło skończone".

Buen álbum

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Estupendo canción ... de mantenimiento fijo pero muy bueno... seguro que con esa vos y estilo esta asiendo cosas mejores a un. Un saludo argudin2000