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von Alexander Franke


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  • Veröffentlicht: 01.06.2010

Welcome to my new album called "First Sounds Of The Decade" and a happy new year 2010!

In this work I included a synthesizer orchestra to fill the sound of the tracks. But you'll also find tracks made as usual (as you know from former albums). So see this as a project of experimenting with some more possibilities of working with the synthesizer. 

I hope you'll enjoy this album as well and please give me a feedback whether you did or not!

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Harald Walker

No Rise No Fall video

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Great album again. I just used 'No Rise No Fall' for a short music video. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for the CC licensed music.

Prawie doskonały

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Aptly Name. & Betwiching Yet Mesmerisingly Perfect, Gentle, Yet Stimulating Musical Expression..Done On The Piano..

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Aptly name and wonderful, expressed to sheer delight, each and every single track heard and played to perfection on this somber, touching, gentle, yet stimulating, light, dreamy, magical, elegant, visionary,ethereal, piano, improvisation soundtrack of an album.