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  • Veröffentlicht: 31.01.2010

Since I started composing and publishing music at the end of 2007, I had a little dream: A music fairytale, a story that evolves through music and has all these elements of an original fairytale: Fairies, knights, castles and -of course- a beautiful princess. Now, a couple of years later, this dream became true...

The album starts with a remake of "Winter princess", one of my first published songs. The music trip continues, with a moon waltz and a fairy dance, to a forest with unicorns and a forgotten castle... After a battle with the darkness knights, there is a king who returns home, giving his princess a message of love. At the end of this fairytale, there is an intro of the Cinderella's story. I preferred an intro instead of an ending, because, when a story ends, another one begins... I am thankful to JB-Anastasia for giving her voice to this Cinderella intro. Although the "End of a story" is the ending song of the fairytale, it isn't the ending song of the album. After a fairytale adventure, "Dreamland" is fine for relaxing... This is the second remake of an older song.

I am also thankful to "The Copyright Group"  for allowing me to use into the song "Bless and glory" a part of Oscar Wilde's poem "Vita nuova", told so lyrical by the actor Sean Barrett and recorded by Robert J. Nichol.


(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution CC BY

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Simply the Best!

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I have to say I was instantly drawn into this amazing piece of work. It tugged on my heart strings and I was compelled to listen to the entire album in one sitting. The combination of lovely piano, glock, strings and vocals is what kept my attention. Truly a fairytale soundtrack in all aspects. This goes on my download list. I am so excited to share this with others! I can't pick a favorite track as they all connect with each other to make the perfect whole. Simply beautiful in all respects! You have a true talent my friend!! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Buen álbum

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Coriandolo ha sido tan amable que me ha recomendado escuchar tu música y ha sido una gran sorpresa encontrar encada tema tanta y tanta sensibilidad a flor de piel me ha impresionado que en cada tema hay un poco mas y mas de esa textura llamada magia de la música

Un véritable conte de Fée...

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...Ambiance hors du temps faite de douceurs, de légèreté. Entrez dans le monde des rêves, où la princesse valse avec la Lune....... Bravo et Merci ! (Merci Zephiria67 pour la recom)


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I have never given such a high rating for any album on Jamendo. This album is at par if not better than many of the so-called instrumental stuff out there in the "market". Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to your music. I am honoured.


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Incanto, poesia, levità, dolcezza, sentimento. Nikos ci riporta nel modo che amavamo da bambini: fate, principesse, elfi e castelli. Con la sua abituale eleganza, ci racconta una fiaba....che ci piace ancora ascoltare. Forse perché sappiamo ancora sognare. Grazie Nikos Enchantment, poetry, lightness, softness, sentiment. Nikos brings us in the world that we loved from children: fairies, princesses, elves and castles. With his usual elegance, he tells us a fable .... what we like to listen more. Maybe because we still know how to dream. Tanks Nikos.


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Après avoir traversé la forêt des licornes,la princesse d'hiver entre dans le château oublié. Les chevaliers de l'obscurité l'emportent au pays des rêves pour rejoindre la danse des fées puis étourdie par la valse de lune,elle se pose et s'endort dans les bras d'une berceuse. Au réveil,une lettre à une princesse annonce le retour du roi et la fin d'une histoire. Bénissez et glorifiez. AR MEN Having crossed the forest of unicorns, winter princess enters the forgotten castle. The knights of the darkness take him(it) in the dreamland to join the dance of the fairies then stunned by the waltz of the moon, she(it) settles(arises) and falls asleep in the arms of a rocking chair. In the alarm clock, a letter to a princess announces the return of king and the end of a history(story). Bless and glorify. Thank you for it magic travel AR MEN
Kendra Springer

Beautiful, dreamy and wistful.

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Awesome Haunting Melodies

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These pieces are haunting tapestries suffused with mystery and imagination. Perfect accompaniment to writing and creating art or poetry. I love it. I look forward to hearing more from Zero-Project.

Hall Of Jamendo Fame Right Here!

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If there were ever an award for "Best Of", there is no doubt in my mind that this would be one of the top contenders. It's all been said, so will not list the titles and thoughts to them. The package is all here and waiting to be read into our aural delight. Add this one, if no other, to your collection. It's simply beautiful! Αν υπήρχε ποτέ ένα βραβείο για το "Best Of", δεν υπάρχει καμία αμφιβολία στο μυαλό μου ότι αυτό θα ήταν ένας από τους κορυφαίους υποψηφίους. Είναι όλα έχουν ειπωθεί, οπότε δεν θα απαριθμήσει τους τίτλους και τις σκέψεις τους. Το πακέτο είναι όλα εδώ και περιμένει να διαβάσει σε ακουστική τέρψη μας. Προσθέστε αυτό το ένα, εάν δεν υπάρχει άλλος, στη συλλογή σας. Είναι απλά όμορφο!

Tears Of True & Utter Amazement Fell From My Eyes As I LIstened To This Epic, Blockbuster Sound-Scape Of All Time Favourite Of Mine..

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Hells Bells, if this album does not blow you, nothing will, feel the power, the passion, the love, the emotions, the atmosphere, the anticipation of drama of action, of what is going to happen next is this epic sound-scape of amazement, beautiful, mesmerizing awesome, wholesome, scary, intense, profoundly ,eerie at times as well, bewitching, wrapping it arms around you body and hold you close and not letting you go for one second or minute...Constantly on the move, going places, taking you on a magical, journey into the unknown and beyond.. This has got to be one of my all times favourite albums. that has so much to offer and give the listener like me. So much. Just open your heart, mind and spirit and enter into this realm. This ethereal world of wonderment and awe as I did..And at the end come out say.. Wow....... At times I felt tears start to flow from my eyes as the beauty is so touching it goes beyond words I or anyone could say to describe this album and musical perfection ever heard by me..