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von Tunguska Electronic Music Society


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  • Veröffentlicht: 07.01.2010
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Deep, Meaningful.. Exceptional Atmospherical Music.. Expressed To Perfection....

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As soon as I pressed play. I entered, a place that time had forgotten, the sounds of eerie despair and loneliness, filled my heart and soul.And I traveled and look around without,but hope was not there.. Clouds.. was angelic, ambient and graceful music, that floated and swayed inside my mind. And peace and tranquility made it home. Let alone intrigue and wonder, at the spell it casted over me.. I looked around and saw magical colours of the ray bow fill my senses and my eyes.. Glorious Technicolor lighting up the skies.Magical bliss feel over me. And I watched the air and skies above.. Time after time, the clocks keep on ticking and my soul is at easy. I get a feeling of wondered and intrigue build inside me..And the mood of the night is still, quiet and peaceful. I smile and feel the mood lift.. And the deep haunting tune of the piano. keeps me company..And I look at I look at the watch and the time has not moved.. Loneliness....Made me want to cry. as it was so moving, beautiful expressed and very atmospherical like the others. Making me think of a pianist at the piano. late at night, with the cold wind blowing outside,and thinking of his lover/ soul mate, that passed away. And playing a melody of his love for the one, who he has lost..Deep, meaningful and very touching. I sat quietly listening to his lament. And tears rolled down my face.. I could go on and tell you my thoughts and feelings. but by now, you will have guess, and seen, This whole album moved me deeply within. Exceptional atmospheres...that just get better and better so much emotions, so much heart and soul in this whole album. Everything is fitting, done to a high standard and beautifully expressed beyond any words I can say or tell you.. Bar thank you for sharing your gift of music with us all.
Darg Sodrag

Влюблен в Тундру

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Не могу наслушаться!!!


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Kann man wirklich gut anhören, hat eine gewisse tiefe die berührt.


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You did it again. Another great collection of musicalscapes. Admirable.


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Sonido inigulables, unicos, ambiente sonoro indescriptible para una obra de arte...sin palabras!!!a favoritos! (Nelson-Río Gallegos)


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traumhaft schön


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Мощное звучание очень интересный альбом впрочем как и все остальные проекты Тунгуски!Абсолютно случайно наткнулся и стал фанатом!Огромное спасибо за эти произведения ждём ещё ещё и ещё!

Just close your eyes and drift away . . Fabulous.

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A wonderful compilation of sounds . . very well done, very relaxing, very tunguska electronic music society . . Brilliant!


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People love you music, and me of course. Keep it up. Very good sounds