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  • Veröffentlicht: 20.08.2010

This is a gothic rock album. It contains "Darkness falls (Jabberwocky version)", "Darkness falls (Epic version)" and a new improved version of the song "Gothic". The lead guitars of the track "Darkness falls (Epic version)" have been played by the guitarist of the band  "Salveo".

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  • Der Künstler muss namentlich erwähnt werden.

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Different style, same quality

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and the gothic inside of me, is as happy as can be.

You are exceptionally talented

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I just discovered your music, and it is an instant addiction. The grandiose feel of this particular album is beyond comprehension. More, please, more!

Magnificent, Visons Of Gothic Dramas & Characters Flood Your Minds Eye & Fill Your Ears & Heart & Soul..To Where It Will Spill Over... Like Red Blood...

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Wow.. dark, dramatic and arousing, passionate and emotional...let alone drama filled. Gothic rock. That is thrilling, action packed and amazing. With excellent electric guitar riffs and solos. And hypnotic, rhythmical steady drum beats. And angelic choir like vocals. Added to the mix. This heavenly, celestial and captivatingly entrancing and very bewitching story telling poetic tales really do gets your blood pumping and your senses stimulated to the max and beyond..YOu are under its magical spell and sit like a child quiet and still and listening to everything you hear, and see and senses around you, via your ears and minds eye. The characters unfold before you. Like a good Gothic movie. On the big screen you are enthralled and engrossed and just can not get enough. Into the darkness you fall... and fear to tread...but with anticipation and fear within you building you take each and every single step.. closer to the.....


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The Epic Version is awesome,like this,thanks!


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Un très bel équilibre entre les instruments et les choeurs. Un son prenant, qui me fait vibrer. A very nice balance between instruments and vocals. A fascinating sound, which shakes me.

Plus d'exceptionnel

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Une traversée dans le monde des morts-vivants. De la douceur à l'énergie. Cette musique m'envoute,des passages à la guitare si beaux, des chœurs qui surplombent avec une sensation extraordinaire. Mais moi je pleure sur cet album ! Bravo, Bravo c'est merveilleux. Je télécharge.

Beautiful Gothic, Perfect for Visions!

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Dark and Dramatic . . . enigmatic, deep and puzzling. The music is profound, and beautiful . . . leading to visions. Darkness may fall . . . but the music guides us through the night, solemn and driving . . . we follow one another through the deep darkness . . . no one is left behind . . . we may stumble and fall but we are picked up and returned to our journey . . . and as long and arduous as it is . . . we are comforted by the music which offers hope that we will reach our destination . . . and therein we will find our dreams of truth and justice solved. Beautiful music, stunning rock . . . perfect for dreamers . . .

Zaskakująco inny

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Generalnie nie przepadam za tak ciężką muzyką. Jednak ten album czymś urzeka. Zamknięty klamrą "tej samej" kompozycji a przy tym niezwykle melodyjny. Utwór Gothic wprowadza przy swej ostrości wyrazu w pewien stan medytacji poprzez powtarzające się uderzenia dźwięku gitary. Tytuł mówi o ciemności, a jednak co jakiś czas wypływa muzyczna jasność i przejrzystość brzmienia. Na tle pozostałych utworów autora wydaje się, że album jest próbą, eksperymentem. Według mnie bardzo udanym. Dziękuję i polecam...

Envoutant !! Planant !!!

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Sombre et magique à la fois. Coup de cœur.. Merci pour le partage

Exceptionnel- Totally Awesome!

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I just can't pick my favorite version! They are all so good. I was so excited to log on to Jamendo today and see something new from Zero Project. You don't disappoint.