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  • Veröffentlicht: 01.09.2007

Introducing.... John Russell

There are those who follow....and there are those who embark on a journey, individuals who follow their own creative impulse, regardless of fashion, unable to stay within the confines of a specific genre, John Russell occupies a unique space, sitting somewhere between conventional music categories, waiting to be discovered like a long lost friend....

John Russell’s music is steeped in tradition, a homage to music’s power to inspire.... John will make you believe, in love, the moment, the future, the universe....capturing emotion through words and melody, Russell’s music is hauntingly beautiful, yet able to be disquietingly are invited to ask about life, love, regret, lust and heart ache, and in return you will capture that memory of why music can inspire of why it can transcend what is critically fashionable.....

Heartfelt, acoustic, tinged with soul and without compromise, John Russell’s music is evocative and beautiful.....enjoy

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Organic Despair

some decent English pop!!

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Beautiful voice, beautiful arrangements guitar and a quiet acoustic sound it is very good!! Thank you the artist!! and jamendo to allow us to discover talents as here!! bonne continuation!!
Eugenia Marino


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Beautiful music, wonderful acoustic guitar!!!! :)

Good album

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A great album with great songs!

Very good !

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Titel : Sweet Dreams

Great voice, great guitar, a really good track !

Buen álbum

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Bardzo przyjemny w odbiorze album. Dziękuję za udostępnienie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!:) m.

Mainstream Music Has Nothing On this Band

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'From my hands', is a 12 track, Alternative-Rock-Folk album. If you like Hootie and the Blowfish or virtually any of the Artists whose music was given Air Play via TV shows from the days of WB(Warner Brothers)TV Network---[["Felicity", Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Charmed, Angel")--- to The CW Network---{ One Tree Hill, Hellcats, Vampire Diaries, Smallville')--which it ultimately became--->John Russell Band has the SOUND!!! Vocals(male) that are Powerful, Earnest, Profound and Touching, Acoustic Guitar that feels as if each Note is Strummed for You specifically and a warmth that can not be manufactured; then you begin to understand what this band possesses. Musically, the Foundation of each track feels more Folk than Rock yet there is something of a Alternative-Indie Quality in the Sound No single track stands out from another in the collection. Start with Track #1 'Sweet Dreams' and let the album roll to its conclusion, 'Track #12. 'Southern Cross'. No doubt each listener may pick a favorite or favorites but that is Ok. As the saying goes: "It's All Good. The Mainstream Music Industry have NOTHING BETTER among the many artists Great and Small who have signed with their Labels than the Performance Par Excellence of John Russell Band.


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wonderful !! »♫«_ »♫«_ »♫«_ »♫«_ ♫ MERCI ♥ …»♫«_ »♫«_ »♫«_ »♫« wish a Happy New Year

Good album

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This album reminds me of Dave Matthews Band and this is kind of music that I really like. Very organic playing and nice vocals make all of the songs sounding very pretty so I can't emphasize any. Great band!


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Bravo les gars, ça fait du bien aux oreilles . merci !

Voice Of Love,Faith & Hope.....Meaning & True Heartfelt Sentiments....Expressed To Perfection & Felt Deep Within Me...Divine Inspirational Album...That Gives..& Gives..

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His voice, touched my inner soul and made me think and reflect about life and the people in it. That are close to me, and mean a lot to me. And a tear appeared in my eyes. As I felt the beauty just simply flow from within his poetic words of meanings and hopes and wants and dreams. That a person with a big heart...holds close to and needs and wants. Sensitive, touching and romantic..tracks. That are profound,giving and expressive. Exceptional compositions,detail to lyrics and great vocals and music. I could not ask for anything better to finish my evening off. Bless you guys.