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  • Veröffentlicht: 27.08.2010
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Love Never Dies...

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The coldness of the wind as it howls through that old family home. And the drafts it caused.And the shadows in the darkness. And the sounds and noises that went bump in the night. Unsettles him and makes him ponder and recollect. As time stood still for that moment, inside his mind. He knew his lover and soul mate, walked out that door and left him behind for ever more. Rooted to the spot inside that decrepit old evil house, she called it, all alone. He wished he could break the bonds that it held over him. But the more he tried to leave. The more the burden and the pain. Fell on him. He just could not neglect the spirit of his daughter to the evil demons of that said house.. And he prayed to god to give him strength, courage and faith.. To be stronger and fight and protect her spirit and ghost from every more to the demonic ways of that bad house..
Livio Amato


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... A journey through the darkest night of memories. Meeting with thoughts, with the sighs of the wind, the scents of rain. Only a few lights glows in the night, only some distant sound echoing in space, suspended awaiting the dawn. I'll take this work with me wherever I walk ... in the night ...


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really nice song. sad, only one in album
Alexandr Ossipov


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Inner motivation... Thank you!


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Really good,your best Work!

Please contact me...

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Titel : Alex.G. - Sad Piano

Hey Alex G., i like your song "Sad Piano" and I want to used it for a project. Please contact me on Thanks and greetings Thomas