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  • Veröffentlicht: 09.07.2010

 Moments is one of the first albums I made. It's mostly influenced by dark ambience, but includes more experimental elements- notably the tracks "The Decomposer", "Don't Blink" and "Torture", which I imagine will all be skipped by many listeners! I've always thought of "The Decomposer" as being one of my more memorable tracks though. It uses two repeated loops of slightly different lengths, I've often found it stuck in my head. This album has some great moments of darkness of which I'm quite proud, and I hope by publishing it here I'll be able to give some other people a few "moments" on which they don't wish they'd been doing something else! Thanks for listening.

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Salve strane ma interessanti musiche anche alcune sperimental ma con suoni scelti bene complimenti saluti e auguri da falcef.
On The Mission From God

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