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  • Veröffentlicht: 09.12.2010

Time after time I get convinced, that one should be living out of some place away while making music.  It is hardly possible to transmit a new experience through music without tasting it. Especially when it is something quite alien, something from another world. But it is not true that the musician is not living here at the moment. The musiscian is living here. But out of some quite different place. Like a magnetic storm, if try mparing.

Something in the musician should be extremely inadequate, dwelling in certain moments in the platonic world of ideas. Or better even in some other space, most incomprehensible and inaccessible.

Strangely enough, when Olga Scotland plays about iron flowers from Sirius, it becomes quite obvious that she has really visited the place, and maybe still remains there.

P.S. Carefull with the composition "Harbour Of Sevastopol". Listening to it thoughtfully provides a good reason to thik that cities posess their own consciosness and may actually be a part of some hidden civilisation.

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Unique and Eclectic Wonder

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Music most otherworldly . . and utterly beautiful . . . sounds from the farthest corners of the universe . . . Flutes made of straws. . . the cat's meow . . . guitars that dance . . silver bells . . ethereal saws . . . piano and strings . . . together creating an atmosphere of stars and nocturnal breezes . . Here is where the listener is gently moved . . . into dreams of floating . . down a deep ... deep rabbit hole . .. into a wonderland similar to Alice's

Original and beautiful music

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Очень порадовал! Прям мультяшный получился.
Rino Batterra

Magical Music

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Original music tracks very special musical personality. An album that tells stories about magical, happy, sometimes slightly melancholy, mysterious and even profound. Music that never tires but instead make you enter into something fabulous and sometimes so funny and entertaining. Music makes you breathe fresh air and live. A visual music really own this particularly interesting, fabulous, electronic, Celtic, folk, ethnic, all packed into this album great!! The soundtrack to a weird and wonderful story! Thanks Barbara for this album you suggested!!!! Tracce molto originali di particolare personalità musicale. Un album che racconta storie magiche, felici, a volte leggermente malinconiche, misteriose e anche profonde. Musiche che non stancano mai ma anzi ti fanno entrare dentro qualcosa di favoloso e a volte anche in modo umoristico e divertente. Musiche che non ti fanno affannare a seguirle ma anzi ti fanno respirare aria pura e viva. Una visuale musicale veramente propria di questo particolare, interessante, fiabesco, elettronico,celtico, folklore, etnico il tutto racchiuso in quest’album eccezionale!!!! La colonna sonora di una magica e favolosa storia!!! Grazie Barabara per questo l'album che mi hai consigliato!!!!

It is so exciting getting to listen to a new album by a favorite musician . . . excellent, creative and beautiful!

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Receiving notice that there is a new album out by Olga Scotland is like the best holiday treat ever . . . My hands shake as I quickly click until I see the album laid out before me . . . its beauty; the anticipation in awaiting for each song; hearing the songs; defining the creativity; listening and listening again. Olga Scotland is one of my top favorites on Jamendo . . . and she has not disappointed this time . . . Her music so clearly creative, unusual, outrageously melodic and experimental . . . new . .. always new. I am never bored listening to her tunes. They please me beyond words. Good grief . . . here I sit with tears in my eyes from the joy of expectations being met. You are a winner every time, Olga . . . Thank you for taking up music and becoming a composer. "Coffee Morning" yah, that flute hit the spot . . . the mixture of instruments, perfection! o0o


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Strano questo album. Alle prime note sembra un piuttosto normale album chillout ma poi pian piano si scopre altro. Un originalità che spazia ben oltre il sentiero tracciato dalla didascalia che lo indica come "newage ambient chillout" Da ascoltare e riascoltare

Other Worldly

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Picking Iron Flowers with you on Sirius has been a joy. I have enjoyed these travels away from the Land of Every Day and Ordinary. I am so happy that the cats could accompany us...I always enjoy their company. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

Tolles Album

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Und ich kann mich meinem Redner nur insoweit anschließen, dass man sich das Album nicht nur anhören kann, sondern anhören MUSS. :-)

I've been seduced.

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Love the sound of the flute and of all the other instruments, too: I love the beauty and music's diversity and still have the will to say, I love you!... because, it's love what I get from listening to your music. Very interesting art cover as well.


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Музыка весьма самобытная... Вы рушите некоторые мои стереотипы насчет женщин-композиторов. Пожалуй, ваши творения - среди самых интересных, которые мне попадались на этом сайте :) Сведение очень качественное, тоже сами делали?