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  • Veröffentlicht: 19.09.2007
Originally released in 2005, Peristalsis marked Ramp's first full-length release.  Since then, this album has largely been unavailable and is just being republished for download now.

The fourteen tracks on this album span a variety of styles but primarily focus on experimental electronic industrial and ambient sounds.  Aiming for a rich, lush feel without becoming pointlessly complex, this album serves as a counterpoint to growing electronic minimalism.  While it is largely instrumental, aside from one track with a sampled spoken-word performance, vocal textures underpin quite a few of the sounds.
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very good!

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beatiful composition and professional sound ciao

To listen to

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I really like this album. Each track tells us a little story and there is a lot of different moods in that music which is very rich. Thanks for sharing!
On The Mission From God

good album

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only because of ''kajka'', ''mercury'' & ''120'' i'm givin' this album an 8, instead of 10

An excellent addition to the experimental music field

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Peristalsis is an excellent experimental music experience by RAMP from Toronto, Canda. The level of cohesion the album has while maintaining diversity of experimental ambient music is highly impressive. Some tracks present as more melodic, soothing and atmospheric similar to Tangerine Dream (Flow, Mariner), while others are more demanding and avante garde (To the Sun), testing the boundaries of musical expression while still maintaining a strong artistic center. A great album in the experimental music genre! If you are interested in experimental music and listening to an artist who has firm grasp on the demands of such an art form, down load RAMP’s Peristalsis. Review by Halder - Host of the Canadian Experimental Music radio program “The Falling Room”

Good album

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This took a while to worm itself into my brain, becuase it's a bit more downtempo than most of the music I like. But I'm really enjoying it! It's primarily low-key, contemplative electronica, but there's a lot of variety between tracks and some creative use of vocal samples. Reminds me a little bit of Psapp and a little bit of Boards of Canada. =:) To the Sun, Kajka, Cluster, and Titania were my favorite tracks.

great album

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Absolutely electronic friend...Love the melody and clarity of the sound...I am a new Jamendo user and I compose pure instrumentals .Check out my album and let me know your feedback