playlist artwork#12 this weekTales of the Future

von Tobias Mitter


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  • Veröffentlicht: 29.12.2010
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This is a dark theme, a slow march, a problem in the future or maybe in the past. Unfortunately is not my favorite kind of soundtrack. The themes of this album are more repetitive than the 'documentaries' one. This is not bad at all, just means I need pictures, a book, a videogame or something to put the music in background because the music by itself is not enough to entertain my mind. The song of the previous album had changes since the beginning to the end and kept my full attention all the time (I know that's easier in a 2min piece than in a 9min album). Very good and professional album anyway. It's just that this time didn't fit my taste but it deserves a 9/10. I want more releases :)


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This album has such mood and strength to the music that I just loved it. The tone and development of the pieces suited me perfectly. The more I listened the more thrilled I became. I needed some tense chase music for a short film that I was making, and this provided it beautifully. It could not have been better for what I wanted and needed. A huge thanks and congratulations to Tobias!