playlist artwork#12 this weekSiberian Jungle Vol.1

von Tunguska Electronic Music Society


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  • Veröffentlicht: 30.12.2010

released 30 December 2010
Catalog#: TUN 016DD
Compilation: Tunguska EMS & Denis Shkanov (Darg Sodrag)
Mastering: Musicheads (DE)
Artwork: H.Kopp-Delaney

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

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Talented Exposure!

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Sublimely cool, . . . a distant land calls to me through this music . . . whispering of mysteries . . . "3170 Lakes" was so dreamy and represented the style of Tunguska so well . . . I felt as if I had slipped through the membrane and into an alternate universe. . . a dissociation so profound . . . so cooly gorgeous! I loved the Asian touches in "Japan Funk" so pretty . . . here though, I found the percussion layer to annoy my listening ears, as it drowned out the refined portions of the song . . . I understand the appeal of a speedy percussion over-riding the sweet and gentle side of the song . . . but rather than creating an interesting contrast . . . in my opinion the loudness distracts from the true delicate beauty of this particular song . . . Over all, Tunguska albums are professionally put together and beautifully composed. The music is always appealing and a distinctly pleasant listen . . . Their music has a largeness which fills the empty spaces in the listener's environment. Tunguska employs some of the most talented artists and gives them extraordinary exposure within the brilliant company of Jamendo's community . . . Many of us are very excited when we see a new Tunguska album. And I am very grateful that they share their music with us . . . - M^^W -


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this album is sublime....but looking for songs from synatu....he is only featured in chillout grooves vol.4...bring back synatu!!...he is such a great artist....GRAZIE!!
Mike Yanshin

Хороший альбом

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Я скорей всего не в теме Jungle, поэтому поверхностный взгляд постороннего чела:) Для меня, несколько однообразный альбом... Может это стиль накладывает жесткое ограничение ритма и кажется, что половина битов альбома написана одними и теми Loop'ами Хотя очень понравились треки 3D Stas - Surface of Doomed EXIT Project - Fairy Tale Vospi - Reverence Супер!!! Удачи!

They Are Going To Be Bigger & More Popular Than Facebook...

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What is Shocking and speaks volumes to me..... and always blows my mind... is the speed and exceptional flare and creativity, let alone beauty found within one of their albums. Just like this one for example. of this incredible, talented, genuis like.. Tunguska Electronic Music Society. They are able to pump out, one after another, on quick concessions, constantly extremely and profound high quality soundtrack material. That is charismatic, energy filled,vibrant, interesting and mainly compelling. Let alone extremely graceful, beautiful and worldly,soul filled, inspirational, heartfelt,day dreamy, magical music.


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Все вещи очень понравились. DJ DED особенно зацепил.


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Darg Sodrag


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Люблю этот жанр...

Awesomly awesome

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GOOOSH! this is really good!! not far from productions by hospital recordings. Japan Funk brought some tears to my eyes :p... that good!!. Seriously, this is a great level in DnB, congrats!!. I'll give a shout to my pals, you completely deserve it. greetings!

Love it!

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Nice album! Nice beats!