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von Attila jelinek

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  • Veröffentlicht: 01.07.2011
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Exceptional Articulate Compositions & Musical Enjoyment Hear & Truly Felt. Day Dreamy, Magical & Pure..

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Purity.. had a a greatness and goodness about it also That was so uplifting, spirited and full of faith and wisdom. Mixed into a exceptional classy and articulate groovy, modern,mix of progressive music as this one was Which was like a parallel of two tracks in one. One being the above. And the other. Was gothic, dark and dramatic, with a voice that was religious and holy and sounding innocent and sweet on top. With also a loving and heartfelt delight appeal about it all. Nicely done, high caliber and exotic sounding as well. cube...Ambient, dreamy and magical. With touches of calmness and grace held within it. That was divine with the electric guitar riffs and solos heard. And the warmth and purity of this happy, free spirited delightful track in general as it plays and touches your heart and soul.