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von Dave Imbernön


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  • Veröffentlicht: 14.02.2011
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Simplement magnifique

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Tout est dans ces 2 mots. Le son du synthé est proprement incroyable
PeerGynt Lobogris


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Esto me recuerda a una cinta de cassette de esas TKD de 90 que tenia con música new age-relax de a saber quien, que recuerdos :) Una atmostefa genial, el synth solista muy ochentero y llamativo. Altamente recomendado a los amantes del new age! Es como el ambiente que intenté dar en este tema: Pero como tu piano nada :)


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A tear like a dew drop shining in a ray of winter sunshine. The piano, the electro, melt into a beautiful harmony to create a sensitive very ambient song, flying, calling, charming with delicacy. Very positive vibrations to soothe you. Thanks for sharing. PMC

I Wish....With All My Might...He Will Return ...To Me Soon.....

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A fairy sits in a field of daisies... in some far of whimsical land..And day dreams and thinks of her lost brother.. Who decided to travel and leave the glen.... and home. He lived in and they shared as children growing up..And she sits and thinks fondly of him.And tears swell up and start to roll from her eyes..And she thinks of his smiling face..And funny cute ways..And the way he looked after her so..And the games they used to play..And even moments when they used to argue and fight and she wished with all her might..He was here again with her..Beside her to hold and have fun with again.. And the sound of the stream was flowing..faster and graceful down the mountain side...And the bees and birds and small animals are busy scurring around and looking for food..around her..And the blackbird above flying south for the winter.. She realizes she is alone..And the tears flow faster down her upset, sad face again...And then the sounds of a storm is started to be heard coming in from the north..A clap of thunder and a strike of lightening..And then the footsteps of time..And a door closes...And the light is turned off..On this sensitive, bewitching charming fairy tale I tell..

Me encanta

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Sin duda ya sabes que me encantan tus trabajos, gracias por deleitarnos con tu música.


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4.04 DI ESTASI ! grazie

Gracias Dave...!

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Gracias Dave...! Hermosas escenas a mi mente, en un solo tema.

Prawie doskonały

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Piękna kompozycja. Świetne wykonanie. Dzięki,pozdrawiam.