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  • Veröffentlicht: 04.12.2011

These are
short orchestral tracks with industrial character. Mostly of the tracks have a dark mood.

But in general they have big cinematic drums and percussion.
Perfectly to fit in a cinematic action filmrailer ...
Most of the tracks are created during 2010. Now I've decided to release this album on Jamendo.
I hope you enjoy listen ... it were a pleasure if you write me an honest rewiev!
Greetings from berlin germany!
MG Rizzello

Das sind kurze Orchestrale Tracks mit Industrial Character. Die Stimmung der Titeln ist relativ düster und sie haben fette Percussionselemente.
Die Titel passen Perfekt für Action Film Trailer und mehr.
Die meisten Titel habe ich in 2010 Produziert. 2011 habe ich mich entschlossen dieses Album hier auf Jamendo zu veröffentlichen.
Ich hoffe es gefällt, und es wäre schön ein Feedback von Euch zu hören!
Also Grüße aus Berlin
MG Rizzello

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It's amazing. This album really sounds like Harry Gregson-Williams work. Respect!

A Great Blood Bath Action Adventure & Mayhem..Blockbuster Movie Score..

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The war between the Russian Mafi..and the Mexican drugs barons..Has erupt further..And sweep wide and far across both Continents....and even the world nearly..full scale.. now the head...Russian hit man.... is on his kill and plunger and root out... the head Honshu... hit person or persons.. from the Drug cartel..he has been order to execute.. He heads of to China..where he hears the Drug cartels... are hold a major meeting.To decided who the next Drug Baron Leader will be..and how to sort out this massive problem...they have on their hands now... And as they sit down in their safe house... of an expensive and exotic Chinese, modern- day hotel.The hit man.. crash through the windows of the 26 floor window and starts a shoot out..And kills all but one..The main character's or characters.. he wants..Are running away.. he makes chase after them..their back up buddies..on the bad guys sides..take chase after the hit man..And try every assortment of machine power and man power and most of all weapons power to kill him..But they fail..


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just beautiful!!

Gutes Album

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Klasse gemacht, sehr abwechslungsreich, von düster über aggressiv bis empor strebend. Aber leider etwas "kurz". Okay, dafür sind es "nur" Trailer, bei uns Versucherla genannt. Ich wünschte mir die Langversionen dazu. Bitte. Danke.

Stupendo lavoro

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Album magnifico, da qualsiasi punto di vista. Lo stile è definito, ma anche personale. Classe eccelsa nel cesellare il suono in ogni dettaglio, con un non comune gusto per le "nuances" sonore. Molto mi è anche piaciuta la scelta di contenere la dimensione dei singoli brani a livello miniaturiale, il che conferisce agli stessi un inusitato vigore, con climax che si spengono immediatamente dopo aver toccato il vertice della tensione emotiva. Del tutto consigliabile.


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Que dire de plus... écouter

Хороший альбом

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Ich schließe mich hier gerne an. Super gemacht!! nur eben recht kurz.
RZorpa e Sofia

The Big Beautiful ...

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Our heart to the sound of war drums Tune of the victory march We bring the hands peace and wisdom Sound eternal, universal and immortal What is born each echo winner and wins his own humanity Our best wishes, thank you for sharing. a hug

Bon album

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Encore une belle aventure qui nous entraine au galop.