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  • Veröffentlicht: 10.09.2007



"Exploration" was made in spring/summer 2005,

The Album is a small tonal-adventure where i'm trying to bringing pop-structures into Ambient and Downtempo shapes and soundscapes.

The album was supossed to be released back in 2005 but record company went down,

Now after a few years of other projects i've decided to give it for free to the world,

If you like "Exploration" then please burn copies and give them to your friends.

Have fun Listening,

Walter Well

Thanks to Andy , Avi , Seb and  Sah. for piano, flute, programming and voice.




(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA

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This album takes away all the sorrow and give relaxation & joy. I love it!!!!
david aubrun

vraiment interesant et varié

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good album éclectique ... peace


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What a great album!! My fave is Marblesea. Very atmospheric and funky. I have played it about 10 times now! I featured this album on my myspace page. Keep up the great work!


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Unique album, thoughtful, artistic, with intriguing comments and discussions punctuating the songs. Inspiring. Lovely uplifting beats and tunes. Well composed and put together and an altogether enjoyable album. This is on my "play often" list. I also like the cover which goes well with the songs.

A beautiful dream!

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How lovely...thank you!!!

Good album

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Awesome, Experience Of Chill Out, Ambient, Downtempo Music .....

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Awesome, experience Of chill Out, Ambient, down tempo, calm, soothing, relaxing. In the zone kind of Music.That hits you to the core of your inner soul and being, feel it take hold and you become part of it and the music, as if, it was part of you,like your blood in your body.feel its vibes and rhythms and flows and beats, and so much more to it.
Toby Schling

Good album

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This will be a nice addition to my collection of music for going into the wilderness and trippin my balls off =)


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Jeden z najlepszych albumów na Jamendo i w ogóle jeden z moich ukochanych ambientowych tworów. Walter zabiera nas na spacer nad morze, by podstępnie zmusić nas do zanurkowania i odkrycia barwnego, egzotycznego oceanu dźwięków ambientu i downtempo. Znacznie dłuższa recenzja na:

Muy Bueno

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excelente combinación de estilos, me gusta mucho tu música, seguí así