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von Nopal Burton


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  • Veröffentlicht: 26.04.2011
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cool, relaxed sounds – highly enjoyable. the only thing to complain about: the album is too short. more of that!


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I woke up to find myself in.... this empty room..I was confused and wondered.. how I got their..As last thing..I remembered.. I was asleep in my my room.. I started to get annoyed and anxious and worried to say the lest....and then I fought.. I better try to find a way out..I tried the door, it was locked..and the two windows I found.. where bared and had shatter prove glass on them..So try as I might.. no one would hear me.. and no one would care..I looked around the walls..and I realized also they where covered in padding..I guess something like a psychiatric hospital.. lock down room..where they kept the dangers patients.. God I thought..I am none of them..or am ! I drift off inside my first I was on a beach..and then I was in an empty fun filled amusement mind kept wandering..and I lost myself inside myself....was I mad.. spooky,scary and intriguing, atmospheric-al and compelling laid back chilled music.