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  • Veröffentlicht: 05.07.2011

The four songs on the "Slow 2004-2005" compilation are taken from "Sadness Within" (2004) and the single "My Star" (2005). Emerald Park was at that time a completely different band, with different band members and a different musical preference. During the recording of "Sadness Within" the guys listened to bands such as Wilco, Jayhawks and Calexico. After the release of the record they wanted to find something else. They wanted the sounds to be lighter and more playful. More pop.

"Slow" and "Swimming in the rain" are taken from the debut album "Sadness Within", recorded and produced by Stellan Colt.
Former bass player Mikael Fredin wrote "My Star".  The song was originally more upbeat, almost punk-sounding, but when producer Carl Granberg heard the song in the studio he thought otherwise. Martina had recently found a toy, a small Casio. So the band used one of the beats from that one and it all started with the electric guitars playing against each other.

"My Star" was actually a minor hit at the student radio charts this year. Further more the band thought, that "Utopia" would sound like a rock anthem, something for the big stages. But Carl thought otherwise even in this case. He liked the original demo, recorded on an old tape recorder, and tried to keep that feeling.

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Geri G

Gutes Album

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Als Emerald Park sich noch mehr an amerikanischen Alternativ-Bands wie Wilco, Jayhawks und Calexico orientierten, entstanden diese 4 Songs. Ok, den leichten Amerikana-Einfluss kann man mal ansatzweise hören oder mal hineininterpretieren, aber eigentlich sind es einfach nur schöne Pop-Perlen.

Mellow Mother's Day Music

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Nice layers of sound, mellow tones and beautiful harmonies.


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Leicht und schön... Perfekter Indiepop. Eben typisch schwedisch. Ausgezeichnete 4 Songs!


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This music is a kind of calm and romantic. The men voice makes me feel hungry for LOVE!!! I want to dance and play music! - this music was the first music what I could think about when created this video of my daughter playing with water... :-). If you don't mind...(?)

Bon rock cool très agréable

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Alter Schwede...

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Indie-Pop vom feinsten. Da gibts nur eins: downloaden.


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Nos hemos llevado una de tus canciones a la radio copyleft Gracias por compartir!!

Bon album

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merci à falkmerten pour le partage et merci à Emerald Park pour ses 4 titres à rajouter à l'album déjà en ligne sur jamendo ! pop cool !

Average, except The Utopia

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I'd prefer the 'other' Emerald Park, the one with Varnhem, the Commonfield and Ume. But if you insist... The best song is Utopia. Perhaps its the lyrics that I like best, the tune is okay, but its a bit repetitive in the end. I like the Stars next, it seems to be ended abruptly though, which interesting for me. The others two are too average, the Rain even too repetitive (again) which makes it the worst song in this album. I only recommend Utopia, if you want try the other two, just don't 'the Rain'.