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  • Veröffentlicht: 01.06.2006
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reste encore du travail

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Je pense que les sons utilisés sont vraiment pas assez travaillés. Je ressent rien en écoutant cette musique... Bonne continuation.

Song, in clicks...

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I start off by loving the nice electronica now coursing into my ears and listen to that original tongue in the second track renders this exquisitely poetic. Thus spake Xtremist! The album continues along in its purity of expression. Anatomic part 1, sounds so organic from the digitisation of noise, and its subsequent arrangement around a slightly uncomfortable drum beat. But then, that's the essence of the soft machine. Sublime becomes divine in Greek. Another great ancient reference. Then we are back right to the gnashing bit. How ancient in purgatory and who was the first heretic to be daring enough to be self-referential and yet we once judged our fortunes on the disarrangement of an animals entrails and visceral decisions were made therefrom. A sorry state of affairs really, especially when it comes to governing. We live and learn, or do we? The last track, whereunto the last rights are read in readiness for the departure. Around again or progression. Nice album, loved it.

Coś Nowego

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Swietna muza jak ktos ludi cybernetyke/industrial/cyber punk/ambient i APHEX TWIN spodoba mu sie na 100% Bardzo ciekawe! Kiedy sluchalem Birds & metal siostra w pokoju obok myslala ze ma chalo:-D Dobra jazda na bani mocne i okrutne nie zostawia na tobie suchej nitki zaraza ci glowe i zostaje z toba na zawsze!! Ten zespół sprawia ze zaczynasz slyszysz wszedzie muze na ulicy w pokoju, warzywniaku i sporzywczym na rogu poprostu wszedzie:-P