playlist artwork#12 this weekLife [part 02] - Wings of the Eagle

von Manuel Igler (Eaglemusic)


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  • Veröffentlicht: 21.09.2011

you can feel it

you can smell it

the taste of freedom

on the wings of the eagle

you're flying over mountains

over seas and woods

over desert and snow

you're watching the beauty of our planet earth

created by our great father

you're watching the blue of heaven

and the darkness of the night

with thousands of stars

and then you're loosing yourself in the vastness of the earth

dreaming away from all your problems and the problems of the humanity...

and then you realize:

...this isn't only your life, it's the life of all humans...

...and we weren't born to die... but to live forever...

...with our creator, the maker of heaven and earth......


This is the follow-up album of "Life [part 01]".

It took 4 months to produce it. But now, it's finally finished and I'm really satisfied with the result.

Maybe you too? ;-)

If you like it, please support me by donating me.

Thanks! :-)

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Dom The Bear

Flying high

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Very very nice piece of work....charming, epic, merging various styles and horizons with full success...

but..that's beautiful

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Nice the idea of mixing electro, orchestral and piano. You are young, I'm sure you will be great one day. Good luck! :)

Bon album

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Merci pour ce moment très agréable.. Du bon son, une belle composition.

Jour après jour

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Un très bel album en hommage à notre Terre où la vie y est précieuse. Vie humaine, animale ou végétale. Chaque chose y a sa place et son importance. Cet album est superbe par sa reconnaissance de la vie, jour après jour. PS : magnifique piano !

An irresistible invitation to fly.

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We live necessarily confined and restricted to the reach of our intellectual and physical capacities, but somehow, taking hand of some ingenuity and dexterity... along with some luck... we have been able to surpass those limitations and evolve, or so we feel like. Because of those limitations, our compelling will of pursuing an undefined truth with which we can identify and ease our doubts about existence, takes us to the use of external resources... which we designate by instruments... to assist us in our daily overcoming exercise. Strangely or not, flying is an ancient desire we have and a fine example or our ingenuity and capacity of overcoming. But this imperious need we have, is more than a mere imitation task. Apparently, we seem destined to go somewhere and though we don't know exactly where, we are somehow convinced, that it stands way far from this place we live in and that's also our home... earth. But our need of flying... or escaping... is far from being a physical thing. It's a mind thing. Almost like if in someway, an information have been imprinted there and makes us have that conviction. Music works also in that perspective. Being made with and from instruments, is by itself a very powerful resource, for us to fly. To wander through a universe wider than life itself and whose boundaries are directly linked with the ones of our capacity of imagining and dreaming. In that sense, this is an excellent album for flying. Sounds very good and the musical structures are very well worked and achieved. It's quite harmonious, pleasant to the ear and generally convey a sensation of freedom and lightness, which, in the end, fits very well the mote. There's also a lot of beauty, in terms of melody and all considered, it's undeniable that we are in the presence of a very good work and that deserves, undoubtedly, also the benefit of a good opportunity.

Dobry album

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Bardzo przyjemna muzyka - wpływa dobrze na rozstrojone emocje - łagodzi! Pozdrawiam

Prawie doskonały

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d(^_^)b d(^_^d)


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Just amazing, you give us a nice piece of music plus a feeling of freedom. Thank you for that!


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Шикарный альбом,с удовольствием скачаю и буду слушать.Спасибо!!!))