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von Olga Scotland


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  • Veröffentlicht: 10.03.2011

Name of ship Grimnir - one of the names of Odin. Means "man in the hood", "the masked man," something hidden in the shadows.

black ops - abbr. of black operations - special. forces in order to penetrate to the rear and inflict a crushing blow.

Quiet splash bigger fish in the river moonlit night, right in the center of the lunar reflection paths. Meteorite in the night sky. The full moon in four in the afternoon over the city. Lightweight, quiet, quiet, large and slightly shiny reflected starlight.


Название корабля Grimnir - одно из имен Одина. Означает "человек в капюшоне", "человек в маске", нечто скрытое в тени.
black ops - сокр. от black operations - спец. войска для того чтобы незаметно проникнуть в тыл и нанести сокрушительный удар.
Тихий всплеск крупной рыбы в реке лунной ночью, прямо в центре отражения лунной дорожки. Метеорит в звездном небе. Полная луна в четыре часа дня над городом. Легкий, бесшумный, тихий, большой и слегка блестящий отраженным светом звезд

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Extraordinary Creative Music . ..

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"Shepherd's Wind" . . .mouth harp and flute . . . satisfyingly gorgeous . . a pounding march, a windy dance upon the steppe . . . I knew this album was going to be good . .. a beautiful artistic expression . . . obviously some time was spent in the creative development and production of this beauty . . . I was instantly captivated and happily held prisoner during the duration of the album . .. the variety of instruments used in these compositions was extraordinary, and the delicacy in implementation was exquisite . . .. I love the unique sounds, emotions and flavors; and in particular the various flutes which are used to good effect in these compositions . . . Although the music was tagged, new age . . . I find deeper meaning in the music then just relaxation and meditation . . . but, then again . . . it was all so peaceful . . For me . . this music is perfect to play and listen as I do my own creations . . . its aggressively creative with a whole lot of poetry built right into the music . . . Listen!


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Un talento vero e, per quanto mi riguarda, una scoperta bellissima. In quest'album tutto è definito, perfetto, studiato nel dettaglio e mai banale. Inflessioni new age e folk si mescolano a richiami celtici per dar vita a un capolavoro si sensibilità, fantasia e buon gusto. Assolutamente imperdibile

Retour aux sources !

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Merci Michka pour la recommandation !


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Очень потрясает звучание Варгана в современной аранжировке. Спасибо за ваш талант и возможность его услышать!!!


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Wooaa… that’s a really successful music production with a perfect balance between the compositions, sounds and arrangements and gives a good feeling overall the entire album! In any case we hear that here is a specialist on working with a lot of self-recognition and high character! In any case, one should listen to this album, especially for people who love a little more unusual ambient, but very creativ sounds! Friendly C.J.


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Super! Super! Super!


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Oulaaa Olga Good song Album. Music very nice, and beauty tanks. Bye Happy new 200012
Evgeny Emelyanov


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Очень приятно находить таких коллег, как вы. Это как, ну, большое открытие! Жаль такая музыка у нас, в России не популярна и современное общество чаще обходит ее стороной. Удачи Вам!

Music with a stark personality and a character as captivating as creative.

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As daring as ravishing, the work of Olga Scotland, usually excels by its distinctly personal nature and creative effort, clearly motivated and guided by a higher purpose of uniqueness. Nevertheless, while a creative being, Olga is not an island. The work molded through her personality and conceived with a single dexterity, is necessarily fruit of a cultural background and a personal effort of learning and assimilation. Despite those influences not being clear to me, I sense they are there and concur by the adding of richness in terms of sonorities and musical variety while also giving it a specific nature. Such richness, which is here once again explored and applied, requires some predisposition and personal appetite for the unusual and bold. Nevertheless and even if clearly not being an immediatist kind of album, both the unique sonorities as the insinuating musical lines... together with an admirable qualitative homogeneity... are quite enough captivating, to arouse and maintain a high interest, all along the forty minutes it takes to listen to the album... and leave the promise of a new encounter.

Gutes Album

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really sympatic...good music...only the rythm seems to be a little problem....keep the fire burning !!!