album : folK.itUp


The Dada WeathermanfolK.itUp

If you have been jamming with us for several years, you must know this French artist quite well by now: Jonathan returns under the name "Dada & The Weathermen". This is an act in which he plays all the roles and pushes all the boundaries of a one man band. "foLK.itUp" is in the house to show you his style of shifting gears from folk to blues and from guitar to piano with amazing skill. No groove has been spared!

artist : Boogie Belgique


Boogie Belgique

Straight from Ghent, Belgium, Oswald Cromheecke aka Boogie Belgique is a phenomenal abstract hiphop & electro swing producer. He beautifully channels his talent into a fusion of vintage and modern sounds, bringing old tunes back to life and making them sound as innovative as possible. A music miracle right here!

playlist : Valentine's Day: the Jamendo Love Mixtape!


Valentine's Day: the Jamendo Love Mixtape!

Stop looking for an expensive string quartet. We’ve got just the right music to melt your special someone’s heart away! Many thanks to the Jamendo community for helping us select the right tracks for a perfect romantic atmosphere!

album : New Lungs


BuildersNew Lungs

California is home to many hit makers and Jamendo will be no exception! Straight out of San Francisco, Builders are here to present "New Lungs", a collection of indie rock gems reminiscent of other heroes of the Californian scene, such as Rogue Wave or Local Natives.

album : Jai Lynn EP


Jai LynnJai Lynn EP

The talent, the voice, the looks, the dedication: it’s safe to say that Jai Lynn has the total package! A RnB superstar in the making! Hailing from Southern California, she is making her debut on Jamendo with a perfectly produced EP that should leave a mark.

album : From the Outside, Looking In


Fallen to FluxFrom the Outside, Looking In

Here comes the London four-piece, Fallen to Flux, ready to take the world by storm with their fantastic new EP and the combination of their brilliant songwriting and excellent musical talent. Their huge metal/hard-rock sound, driven by sharp guitars and a backline of tight rhythm, is an embodiment of modern heavy music!

album : Earworms



Kicking off the new year with some top quality hip-hop! You have to agree with us that Jaief & Asong are killing it. The two longtime friends from sub-Saharan Africa, who currently live in Germany, really sound like they were born in Brooklyn, New York and grew-up with the very best of East Coast hip-hop. Check out their amazing musical epiphany "Earworms"!

playlist : Best of 2014


Best of 2014

Goodbye 2014, you have been an amazing year of music. Seriously, listen to this compilation of incredible songs. We’re truly blessed by the contribution of these incredible artists from all over the world. Hello 2015… let’s see what you’ve got in store!

album : Rookie EP


ProleteRRookie EP

Ending the year 2014 with an artist who made the beginning of the year so good musically...there's nothing better than that! French superproducer ProleteR demonstrates crazy beat-making skills on "Rookie EP" and delivers a fabulous retro-urban mixture which will most definitely please both hip-hop and jazz fans alike!

playlist : Christmas 2014


Christmas 2014

You may have the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the presents ready to be unpacked, the snow falling outside your window… but do you have the music to get into the spirit of Christmas? Ho ho ho, no problem, that’s all covered: listen & download our 2014 Christmas playlist! Happy holidays everyone!

album : Electric Dream


Luzius StoneElectric Dream

Luzius Stone is one of those solo acts with strong artistic personalities, which is why they instantly leave their mark in your ears. "Electric Dream" is more than you could hope for; beyond the surreal atmospheres and the blaze of electric sounds, there is a fascinating world to discover, where imagination and inspiration thrive.

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