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By the time he was twelve Rob Costlow was annoying his piano instructor by adding unwritten endings to songs during rehearsals and recitals.

This soon brought an end to the lessons that began at age five.

"I hated, literally hated, taking lessons and especially practicing other people's music," admits Rob.

It was another piano player, platinum selling, new age artist George Winston, who fueled this rebellion. After one of Rob's brothers introduced him to Winston's music, Rob realized that his musical future was going to take a different path than the one set by his teachers.

"It was so different than typical piano music," says Costlow. "It's what drove me to create my own. I said to myself 'I can do this--this is a way that I could actually enjoy piano and benefit from all of these lessons and practicing.' It allowed me to express myself and also provide a great stress relief."

While Rob has come a long way since those lessons and been through a variety of life experiences, his love for creating original compositions is still at the heart of his contemporary solo piano music. His compositions are inspired by love of his family, including his wife Melissa. Travels throughout the United States, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and the Caribbean also provide inspiration.

"Traveling shows me how much is out there and how there is so much diversity in the world," says Rob.

Growing up in a large family helped Rob become focused and tenacious. As the youngest of six boys, Rob had to get used to seizing every opportunity that came his way. While working on his Masters Degree, Rob unofficially started his own record label, Tourist Records™, based on a fictitious business plan. In 2002, Rob released his first professional solo project, Sophomore Jinx (re-released 2005), containing all original music. He officially founded Tourist Records™ in 2004.

Through Tourist Records™, Rob wants to wants to license music for use in television and film as well as help other artists who are dedicated to creating original music make their own impact in the world.

"Music is a release from the stresses of the world," says Costlow. "I never force myself to write. I do it when it comes to me. I'm taking things a day at a time."
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