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allmyfaults photo

all:my:faults was an Experimental Industrial Metal Band. 

a:m:f was originally founded on march 13th, 2003 nearby Darmstadt by Steve KiAi who had just left his old  bandSomaside where he sang backings and played bass. He always had ideas that didn’t quite fit in an alternative combo and after he had left this band, he began writing more of his own music and performed alone in some local clubs.

After two years of working alone, Steve KiAi finally found joe:riot, who was willing to play a major role in the band. The band’s style went in a slightly harder direction on the contrary to older records, with more rock and metal influences and joe:riot, who’s working for several well-known bands as graphic artist, even delivered a brand new logo and created look for the bands releases and homepage.

After their album neo.NøiR joe aka jonas:iscariot started his graphical training and got more and more lack of time to work for a:m:f. Finally the last two singles were written and recorded by Steve alone once again.

all:my:faults always distanced themselves from genre Gothic, though their early records are often attached to this.

Since the beginning of 2009, Steve KiAi was back together with one of the old a:m:f members, Danny Seith, in a new project called We Are Guilty to continue the symbiotic work they started many years ago. The music is totally different from all:my:faults and is soonest classified as .

In the end of 2010 project We Are Guilty merged with another musical project that had perfectly fit all across the board. 
So, for now… Steve’s going to work in that new Band called ALL WILL KNOW and we’ll see what time brings… the die isn’t yet cast.

Further more Steve played for about 2 years in a regional Band called Seven Inch Bastards, somewhere between ,, cider and beer.
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