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s i o n

ambients, sleazy jazz, intelligent drum n bass, dance, trance, dark and gothic

Over the last 15 years or so I have written many tracks which are a fusion of - ambient, goth, dance, trance, drum 'n' bass, lounge and jazz.  In 1999 I released my first 'real' album called 'nexus one' which contained tracks from many of the above genres. Since then I have written many new tracks, the majority of which have remained unreleased. Some time ago I decided that rather than release all new music in a single album which covered many genres, I would instead start grouping my various tracks in to themed albums giving them a more natural flow from start to finish.  To date I have released 6 albums as well as many other tracks that are waiting to be compiled and released.

Some of those albums have been available through my websites or local shops for a while, but  now I've decided to make some of these albums available for free.  If the response is good I might be persuaded to add some of the others.  So please leave some feedback, let me know if you like the tunes or not.

I hope you enjoy my music .....

..:: Sion ::..

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