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 Oprachina is a neologism made up of the two words opra (opera) and china (bowed), meaning alienating, back-breaking work. Coined in the first half of the 20th century, the term features in the Italian version of the “Internationale” as well as other tracts of the period. Oprachina are committed to the continuous pursuit of an equilibrium between written passages and free improvisation, helping to develop a contemporary musical language. In Oprachina’s original compositions, jazz is the connecting element between the obligatory written parts and the improvised ones. 

Their first creation, “The Jazz Farm” (2007), published under the Creative Commons licence, was hailed at the 2009 Cannes Midem as the most popular Italian album by the Jamendo portal. 
Two songs of this album were chosen for the movie soudtrack:
“Mountains That Take Wing”, a conversation with Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama.

By Quad Productions, Filmmaker: Crystal A. Griffith, Helen T. Quan

The Band has moved the first steps during recent editions of “Along Came Jazz, Research In Italy” organised in Tivoli and Rome.

The group:

 Massimo Bognetti: guitar, director of Music School Etnofonie in Rome, he conducted several workshops on music figures of Demetrio Stratos, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Thelonius Monk, Soft Machine; with the “Opera Nomadi”  he directed: the “Education Project Artists Rom”


 Errico De Fabritiis: saxophone,  teacher, graduated in saxophone at the Conservatory of Pescara D'Annunzio, lives in Rome, where he worked with musicians of different backgrounds. He committed within the contemporary and improvised music; recently he has directed the project “Bus Ned Revolution”


Fabio Fochesato: bass and double bass, teacher, working expecially in jazz and contemporary music. He’s a member of  “Plectrum Orchestra del Circolo Mandolinistico Costantino Bertucci” (plectrums with double bass string performing a large repertory of baroque and contemporary music) and the new “Banda Larga Big Band” direct by Elvio Ghigliordini (PMJO Auditorium Rome).


Adriano Galinari: drums; teacher, he has participated in numerous jazz events, with many italian and foreign musicians, among them, never forgot, the saxophonist Massimo Urbani.


 Years ago the band successfully tackled a monographic research on the compositions of Wayne Shorter.


Do you want us to play in your town?  Let us know!  Many of our dates come from suggestions and references of people just like you, so don't be shy...just reply!!  

 Let us know if there's a venue in your town that might work and if you'd be willing to help advance the show.

 Some meaningful partecipations:

 Edizioni 1999-2001-2004-2006 "Along Came Jazz, La Ricerca In Italia" Tivoli, Roma: rassegna internazionale.

Agosto/Novembre/Dicembre 2000, Febbraio/Marzo 2001 Comune di Rieti: Nuove Tendenze nella Musica Contemporanea e rassegna: "Ricordo di Eric Dolphy".

7 agosto 2002 Vivaro Romano, "Musica italiana nella valle dell'Aniene", "Etnica 2002".

18 ottobre 2002 Serrone (Fr) prima edizione di "Ottobre Jazz".

7 maggio 2005, Roma, Piazza Farnese, concerto per la "giornata di lotta dei Restauratori" organizzata dalla Fillea-CGIL

14 luglio 2006 Roma, Estate alla Sapienza, concerto all'istituto di Fisica G. Marconi.

25 aprile 2007 Concerto per la Festa della Liberazione a Roma in Piazza S.Maria Consolatrice. organizzato dall'A.N.P.I.

3 ottobre 2009 Rieti V Edizione Jazzid Area Festival Live R.T.R

15 novembre 2010 "Jazz al Teatro" Fara Nume di Ostia Lido Roma 

Luglio 2011 Inaugurazione Mostra Fotografica "Underview" di Francesco Filangeri Roma, Sala Santa Rita, organizzata da Zetema

Aprile 2012 Roma Concerto al Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali per la  "Settimana Italiana della Cultura"

Maggio 2012 Concerto al Teatro "Volturnoccupato" Roma














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