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Stellar Vector is a 5 piece ‘post-modern rock’ band that draws heavily from various neo-prog and post-punk influences (Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Peter Murphy, Radiohead, etc) and makes heavy usage of synthesizers. The lyrics emphasize narrative and the music often weaves various complementary melodic lines.

What became Stellar Vector began as a solo synth-pop project called {space bar}, designed by Charles Sadler of

Little Tin Box

. Charles Sadler met Jonathan Ford of


in 2002 while gigging together at the Fireball in St. Paul. The two began collaborating on various remix projects and dj gigs. Charles recruited Jonathan to play live keyboards for {space bar}, however Jonathan quickly switched to playing guitar after the band also added guitarist Jamie Smith and drummer Don Carlson. David Miller of Fadladder/Avenpitch was originally slated to play bass keys, but circumstances made him bow early from the project.

The band played its first gig in the First Avenue Main Room in July of 2004 and later recorded a 3 song demo at Integral Studios under the watch of Ev Olcott (12 Rods/Halloween, Alaska/Dot Dot Dot).

With the release of the song “Agoraphobia” on the Electropunk 2 compilation, the band was rechristened Stellar Vector.

By the end of 2005, the band had said goodbye to Jamie Smith and had added bassist Geoffrey Makousky (OBCT/UCKF) and guitarist Daniel Auger. This new lineup went on to record 8 songs in early 2006 again with Ev Olcott.

Within months of completing the recordings, again the lineup shifted. By the end of 2006, Stellar Vector reappeared with a lineup featuring a new rhythm section featuring Mark Haider (Civilian/etc) on drums and Andy McClure (Snark/Clovis) on bass.

Stellar Vector released its first EP entitled “You’re Not Included.” on October 16th, 2007. It is available for download at

. It is a ‘pay-what-you-wish’ release.

In 2008, Charles and Jonathan reformed the live band to include the members of

Tasha’s Laughter

(KP on guitar, Dead on bass, Spazz on drums). The current lineup is currently gigging and developing material for the first full-length release titled “Flock of Cowards.”

Other projects that Stellar Vector members are/were involved in:

Tasha’s Laughter






Little Tin Box

, The Cans, She’s in Film, Vhent, Fastest Turbo Fire Engine.

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