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 Symphonic Death Black Metal band from Montpellier (France). 

Born in 2007 with members of KOROBSKURA (Sébastien Daspet), MELEM & ENNEADE (Gines Jimenez), BLACKNESS (Gérald Préaux), TWILIGHT OPUS & SILENTBREED (Arnaud Sintès), VEILS OF PERCEPTION quickly records a first EP: "UNDER MY SKIN".
The band is building a solid reputation on tour between 2008 and 2009. Often compared to bands like ANOREXIA NERVOSA, ARCTURUS or DIMMU BORGIR (old days), VEILS OF PERCEPTION follows the way with energic and passionates live prestations that leave no-one unscathed. 
The band records its debut album, "BLACK METRIC" with production that ends in 2010. Then Claude-Jacques Tronquet (TWILIGHT OPUS/SILENTBREED/I WISH) and David Fantoni (DETOXED/INNERSIDE) joins the band to compose songs for the next album.
Nowadays, VEILS OF PERCEPTION is ready to take the road for the support of "BLACK METRIC" and its following. Councerning the album:
The LP "BLACK METRIC" is self-produced to keep the spontaneous side of a home-recording and to doesn't have the stress of a short deadline. A huge production work was done with a lot of hours spent on keyboard ambiances and voice harmonizations. The mix and master done by Brett Caldas-Lima at the TOWER STUDIO (CYNIC, FREAK KITCHEN...) enhances all the tracks of the album (more than 40 per song sometimes). The result is brutal, powerfull, black and poetic, graphically highlighted by the artwork done by Seth 'Siro' Anton (SEPTIC FLESH).
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