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Why did we start this project? There isn't a particular reason. Mainly, we spent our free time creating these tracks, because we simply enjoy compose and play music.
At last we think that it's better to give our songs away than to keep them home, waiting for a remote chance to sell out them before throwing everything through the WC!
The only one thing you have to do for now is to listen to our production, by streaming playback or downloading them directly in "downloads" section or by P2P software.
Indeed, we ask you to share our music as much as you can! This is the most important thing for us.
Of course, we need your feedback too. Use our guestbook to give us your opinion, trips and everything you have to say. If you want to receive news about ElectroLatrine's new songs and activities, you can subscribe our newsletter.
Don't you like our music? No problem guys, flush the toilet and we'll disappear!

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