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Born in the tiny town of Hiram, Maine and graduated with a degree in Music Technology from McGill University in Montreal, Ben Hammond has since been relentlessly touring, from New England to New Zealand to points in between, playing his unique brand of live-looped Acoustic Soul-Pop at a variety of festivals and hundreds of venues (including an appearance as a guest Vocalist/Beatboxer at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and the recording of his recently released live CD/DVD "Solo at Stone Mt Arts Center" directed by award-winning cinematographer Mike Dana).

Though far from settled down, the past 3 years have seen sunny Sarasota, FL as Ben's seasonal home-away-from-car. In addition to selling over 5,000 albums of his own compositions (including his 2008 debut "[Reasonably] Honest" produced by Downbeat Magazine award winner Reuben Ghose which has garnered radio play across the East Coast and multiple awards including a John Lennon Songwriting Award) he has quickly become a fixture in the great Sarasota scene, recently voted "Best of the Suncoast 2010" in Sarasota's Creative Loafing for his energetic performances.

Schooled in jazz, raised on rock, fascinated with music the world over, Ben Hammond can just as easily be found strumming a soulful ballad as he can live-looping an a cappella improvisation of beatboxing and 4-part harmony, recklessly remixing some of the best music of the past century with his eclectic repertoire of original material


- “No History Sessions EP” has received airplay on 93.5FM (WMWV Conway, NH), 95.9FM (WATD Boston, MA),
- “[Reasonably] Honest” brand new album scheduled for release March 2008, already slotted for airplay on 89.3FM (WHSN Bangor, ME), 91.3FM (WUNH Durham, NH), 91.1FM (WMUA Amherst, MA), 89.5FM (CIUT U of Toronto), 90.3FM (CKUT Montreal) Web Radio, Martha’s Vineyard Web Radio (,
- Solo concert footage opening for Entrain in Schouller Park featured multiple times on Channel 3 Valley Vision in North Conway, NH.
- Live Performance on CTV in Montreal with Effusion A Cappella

Recording Appearances:
- Ben Hammond “[Reasonably] Honest” 2008
- Ben Hammond “No History Sessions EP” 2006
- Guest on Renee Lee “Maple Groove” 2004 – Justin Time Records
- Effusion A Cappella “Unrestrained” 2006
- Effusion A Cappella “Movin’ Away” 2002

Festival Appearances:
- With Joel Miller Mandala at the Montreal Jazz Festival
- Opened for Entrain at the North Conway Arts in the Park
- Sarasota Arts Day Festival
- Festival 500 in Newfoundland with Bobby McFerrin
- ICCA Championship at Town Hall in New York City

Discography Info:
- Ben Hammond “[Reasonably] Honest” 2008 – Personally financed and organized, composed and co-produced.
- Ben Hammond “No History Sessions EP” 2006. Sold over 1,000 copies at shows and in local stores.

All Songs © 2008 and composed by Ben Hammond (BMI)
Ben Hammond (guitars, vocals, beatboxing, theremin, sk1
   Rhythm Section:
Nico Dann (drums, vocals, percussion)
Dan Fortin (bass)
Gabe  Nespoli (keys, B3 organ, piano)
   Also Featuring:
Kweku Sam Kwofie (rap/backing vocals #1, #8, #10)
Zach Finkelstein (backing vocals #2, #8, #10)
Lindsay Hamilton (backing vocals #6, #8, #10)
Gabi Epstein (backing vocals #8, #10)
Scott McGuffin (bodhran #9)
Jon Lindhorst (tenor sax #2)
Maike (trumpets #1, #4)
Mikael Tobias (elec. guitar #7, #10)
Jeremy Cain (elec. guitar #8)
Mick Mendelsohn (elec. guitar /slide #4, #6)

"It is said that "Variety is the spice of life" and that is precisely what is found in Ben Hammond's newest Cd release "[Reasonably] Honest". It is filled with musical spices to feed the appetite. His original compositions have something for everyone, with elements from jazz to funk, changing rhythms, styles and arrangements. His beautiful lyrics, ranging from sensual to exuberance and everything in between come together nicely in a great package of vocal performance and instrumental gifts. His stories are filled with the exploration of life and all it's demands. Ben is an inspiration as a gifted young artist with a shining horizon and a style that will make a difference."

- ”These days he works the music circuit all over New England armed with his acoustic guitar, live- looping vocal percussion (meaning this guy's something of a human beat box) and his brand of "jazztastic hip folk." I've heard his EP and I'll vouch for him. Hammond's got it going on for sure. What do I mean by "it?" Find out Saturday night”.

     [Reasonably] Honest Review from
      author: Review by Darryl Gregory
      "So any singer-songwriter that owns, knows how to use, and then puts on their CD the Theremin has got my attention. Even if it is for only one track, it piqued my interest, and as I scanned down the page I noticed that this singer-songwriter does a lot more than just play guitar; he beat boxes, circuit bends and writes damned good songs.

      The writer in question is Ben Hammond and his new CD, [Reasonably] Honest, has ten tracks that weave in and out of jazz, rock, reggae, rap and pop while staying true to a sound that is definitely Ben Hammond. Hammond sounds, vocally, like Jamie Cullum and John Mayer and has a bouncy guitar style with great backbeats that remind me of Jack Johnson. The thing that sets him apart from those guys is his ability to blur the line between jazz, pop and hip-hop and do it so that it doesn’t sound forced. When I was reading Hammond's press release and got to the part about his beat boxing, I groaned, but when I listened I was truly impressed at how he fits it in and makes it sound like it belongs.

      The songs on this CD are of the usual variety relationship-I want you, You Want Me-I’m confused, Please help me- type of songs. That’s OK, and what makes it OK is the music and grooves that keep you listening. The first track, “Let’s Get Alone” starts off with a groovy acoustic guitar riff and has a well placed rap-verse in the middle done up well by Kewku Sam Kofie. “It’s OK” is a solo track with just voice and guitar that gives the listener an insight to the live sound of Ben Hammond. “Touch” is a track that does not allow you to sit still and uses Hammond’s beat boxing and some beats and sounds that reminded me of Stevie Wonder.

      Ben Hammond seems to be on the edge of all the latest musical trends like circuit bending and beat boxing, yet it is all brought back into the traditional forms of jazz and pop and delivered with expertise. Go out and get this disk."

      Eclectic and quirky
      author: Louise Peacock

     " ...But I really like what this talented artist has produced here  ... each song is different - one moment he's all jazz, then he's folky, then he's World - keeps you guessing in a good way.  Great album - I had the pleasure of receiving an advance copy for My Songwriter show, and it was a real joy to listen to it ....."


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