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Bielebny photo

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   My band is one-man-army, that means I'm the only member. I often use help from my friends who are, like me, in underground (u can also call it home, or garage) music, but mostly from diffrent genre.
   I was studying in art school in Wroclaw, one of the biggest cities in Poland. I always thought painting is my destiny, but i found myself in music lately. I found music better to express feelings rather than painting (in my case ofcourse).
   I've started to create sounds about two years before when i've came back from army (I was made to go there for nine months). When i came back home, the very first thing i started was making music and learning some sampling and mixing softwares. I made 3 albums in 2 years time, which are avaible on Jamendo.


   Sampling is my genre and my mentor is Amon Tobin. He can take sounds from enviroment that surrounds him, mix them and make briliant music (best examle is Kitchen Sink where almost all track is made by sounds from the kitchen). I found another mentor on Jamendo. Try^d do the same- "Take music in sounds created by others, and make new sounds, beautiful sounds". Yeah, I wish I could be as good as them and that is my prior.
Because of my music i feel like taking part in a new age, age of sampling which is still quite young and we have plenty of problems because of copyrights. But the beginnings of all ages are same, hard and rush to develope. Hope in near future sampling will be easier and people will be pleased to listen to it, because right now sampling is the backstage on music scene, or a black sheep in music genres.


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