Amity in Fame

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Amity in Fame


The band was founded in May 2008 and plays powerful acoustic rock. While this may sound like a stereotype, the big strength of the band is its original style. Most of the band members are influenced by metal, still they refuse to use distorted guitars in their songs. Instead, the lead guitarist of the band incorporated a very individual style to play his Variax. The band‘s unique sound already found a broad reception within the internet community.


The first album, 'Dinner for One' was released in July 2008 and is a milestone in modern acoustic rock - at least according to the band-members ... well, some of them. It was Jimmy Page himself who said about the band: "'Amity in fame'? Never heard of them!" If you don't want to die dumb like Jimmy Page you have to check out their first album right now! 


The band released their first music video in January 2009 and the second video in July 2010.


The second studio album "Through" was realeased in May 2011 and is already available on the band's homepage:


myspace / youtube / facebook / homepage


Presently, the band is working on the official music video to the song "The Kraken" from the new album. In the meantime, the band will release three selfmade music videos (filmed and edited entirely by band members). Concerts in several European countries are planned for 2012 and in North America for 2013.



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