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AXIAL photo

Much more than mix, AXIAL intends to connect art and ideas through music.

Sandra Ximenez (vocals and keyboard) and Felipe Julian (basses and computers) joined with sax and clarinet player Leonardo Muniz Correa to present a show which suggests new ways of listening, joining electronic and electroacustic music, world music, literature and technology.This connection inspires the audience to rediscover the capacity to listen in a creative way. A new language inspired by ancient tongue.

Inspired by Sandra Ximenez's ten years of etnico-musical research, the repertoire intermixes the group's original compositions with recriations of traditional music from Brazil, Haiti and Africa. Why we are able to understand music sung in a unknown language? Where is the meeting point between traditional and contemporary? The union between art and technology may even not be of such great importance to art but it will certainly be fundamental for technology as a way to allow it to have more human features and to present it as a playful object and not only as a tool. The artistic initiatives that, like Axial, make use of computerized resources somehow contribute to the formation of a society whose creative interests are not only intended to generate wealth. Our aim is to propose an interdisciplinary esthetical dialogue between music and other forms of plastic arts manifestations such as painting, web-art, sculpture, performance or installations so as to create a special and visually oneiric universe for these songs.

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