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Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Maya grew up alongside a piano. By the time she started attending music school -at the age of 8- she already knew how to play both piano and violin, but realized from the very start that piano was the best way to express herself.
During her early studies she got acquainted with music composition, and started composing and performing her own melodies. Her main interest, however, remained on improvising by ear.

Soon she found out that the education system didn't quite meet her expectations, and despite having dedicated two thirds of her life entirely to piano, she quit her Music University studies after two years. She wanted to be something more than just a robotic pianist, trained to end up teaching in some school for the rest of her life, according to the style forced into her by her teachers. That plan just didn't match her way of feeling piano music.

After a period of travelling around the world, improving her knowledge and getting known to new places and ways of seeing life, she started pouring her experiences into her music. In her first full-length album she tries to express her feelings as she revisits the turning point between her old and new perspectives. Hence the title, Between two worlds.

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