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Cvijaxo photo


Cvijaxo  is trying to express himself  through his experimental soundscapes which ranges from ambient to noise. His tools are computer and cheap guitar. Under his real name and as Cvijaxo he wrote some of lyrics for Bosnia and Herzegovinas one and only underground band SCH (or Schisopohrenia).

In april 2010 Cvijaxo published his first work on Musictrade for one of oldest and most qualitative net labels. It was on "Miscued Rat" (MT024) Musictrade Various Artist Compillation.  In autmn 2010 Musictrade published Cvijaxo's first full length album "Pagans" (MT028) too.

He has non-musicians approach to composing and producing his material (though he learned to play cello as kid) as “music theory and rules destroys creativity and spontanity”.  Much of his musical inspiration Cvijaxo draws from his own life which "he would not recommand to others", from urban landscapes and arts outside popular music.

Ex film critic and journalist Cvijaxo lives in Sweden today where he works as Consultant and educator.

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