Twenty Four Hours

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Twenty Four Hours” are probably a psycho-prog-art rock band, though neither their many listeners nor the music press have ever been able to come to a definitive decision as to what category they fit into. Founded in 1985 in the Southern Italian town of Bari, the band’s definitive line-up became clear in 1987, namely:


NICO COLUCCI, a coin merchant, on bass
MARCO LIPPE, who works for a record label in Milan, on drums
ANTONIO PAPARELLI, a music teacher, on guitar
PAOLO LIPPE, a medical oncologist, on keyboards and lead vocals


The songs are mainly by Paolo and Antonio, but the other two often play a vital role in the process, especially Marco. The fact that they live in different towns means that recording is packed into “special free spells” at a trullo near Alberobello; they have their own multitrack computing recording equipment, and they have never used sampled sound, apart from the occasional keyboard sequence, and (like the group Primus), have never been inside a recording studio. From April 1993 to december 1998, their album have been released by Mellow Records (FOR ORDERS: Since April 1999, they have been signed up by MUSEA RECORDS (FOR ORDERS:


1) The Smell of the Rainy Air, LP 1991, TFH Music (Limited Edition, sold out)
2) Intolerance, CD 1994, Mellow Records (sold out)
3) The Smell of The Rainy Air, CD 1998, Mellow Records
4) Oval Dreams, CD 1999, MUSEA Records
5) The Sleepseller, CD 2004, TFH / MUSEA Records

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