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Antlason is here for one resson to make music and nothing more!!! Nu Metal ,Hip-Hop ,and more !!! Antlason stated in late 2008 but due to Issues it stated really in 2009. Some were in June 2009, but anyway I make most Instrumental Metal music back in 2008 but now it is a mix of Nu Metal/Instrumental Metal/Dark Wave/ sometimes hip-hop but mostly Nu Metal or Instrumental Metal. So Now On Facebook,, and Jamendo and more just look at my myspace page so I hope u like it.

Biography of CD’s:
Ep 2009

Dynamic City 2009
Ep 2 End of 2009
Ep 3 only on 2010
A Flame of A Hero 2010
Nu Chamber Coming Soon in 2010

More of my music is on
Facebook just type antlason
and more!!!

I love making music that I like!!!
God Bless!!! Peace Out!!! :)

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