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FR4GGLESMASH is the long hidden and denied evil personality of AX-11. 

   "To be honest - I hate hippies.

   I love Psytrance, I live for electronic music

   - but hippies?!"


No seriously, all that light&sound and esoteric babble had to come to an end. It's just become annoying, meaningless and ritualized. Psytrance always was meant to be progressive and future oriented, not bound to conventions and backward-whining. 

Many of the "old fartz" and also many newcomers who were looking for a scene that would provide prefabbed roles and rules and such fuck for the brainwashed had become that way - DarkPsy changed the rules and brought back the fun and the freemindedness to Psy - in many ways it is like the Punk scene in the early 80... But let's never look back! There's a future to destroy...


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