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Ozzed photo

Ozzed is an 8-Bit artist from Sweden. He has a rather Varied style but the songs are dominated by an 8-bit sound true to that of the Nintendo 8-bit sound. Keygen/cracktro-like tunes are also common.

His first compilation Lesser than Three Was released in October 2008. It is a Lo-fi cracktro tune Album.
His second album 8-bit Empire features 8-bit NES-chip songs exclusively and was released in January 2009.
His third album Cor Metallicum continues the spirit of 8-bit Empire featuring only tracks that were made with Famitracker, thus giving it the same 8-bit sound.
The fourth album Nackskott features tunes more similar to those heard on "lesser than three", and most tunes on the album are in fact "leftovers" from that album.

All of his music is available for free at his official website ozzed.net where you can also read news and write in his shoutbox, as well as download some tunes that are not available on Jamendo

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